The word soliphilia, from the French solidaire (interdependent), the Latin solidus (solid or whole) and the Greek philia (fondness in the form of love of fellow citizens and neighbors), is a concept belonging to a list of words created by the sustainability professor Glenn Albrecht to create psychoterratic connections between the state of the earth and the state of the mind, in order to make people aware and able to discuss about environmental issues. In particular, he coined this term with the aim of fighting dread and solastalgia, such as existential or psychological distress determined by environmental change. Soliphilia is defined as the love and responsibility for a place, bioregion or planet, associated to the unity of interrelated interests within it. It may seem the description of the Little Prince taking care of his planet every day after his morning toilet, as a question of discipline. However, as both environmental problems and consequent solastalgia are global issues affecting everyone at their local level, this concept goes beyond the individual sphere. It is rooted in interdependent solidarity and unity between people, introducing also the need of political commitment to overcome the common alienation and disempowerment in the contemporary decision-making process. Thus, soliphilia can be linked to ideas of eco-cosmopolitanism, because, instead of surrendering to the environmental change as an inevitable consequence of modernity, it promotes a glocal collective and personal action to protect and take care of the planet.

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