In March of 2018, the last male Northern White Rhino has been declared dead. These subspecies have been endangered and on the brink of extinction for about a decade now due to excessive poaching, since the rhino’s horn is in great demand specifically in Asian countries like Vietnam. With only two female rhinos remaining, experts are trying not to lose hope.

There are several existing attempts to revive the subspecies. The first one is to get these rhinos to mate with Southern White Rhinos to reproduce, and even though that means that the offspring will not be 100% Northern White Rhinos, the majority agrees that it would still be better than nothing.

Another possible option is part of the grand rescue plan to save the White Rhino, and it provides for the creation of zygotes by IVF and using the Southern White Rhinos as surrogates, since the last two Northern females are proving to be incapable of carrying a pregnancy.

Much like many other species and subspecies, the Northern White Rhino is endangered due to human activity.

As humans, we must check our behavior, and study the impact we have on the planet. We must ask ourselves if we are doing enough to protect our ecosystems, and if we are doing enough to protect animals, specifically endangered ones, on a private and personal level. Are we going to continue down this merciless road? Are we going to keep driving species into extinction? When are we going to realize that we do not own the planet we live in?

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  1. Luca Migliore

    Thank you for the article. It was really useful and I will tell it to every person I know. Long live the rhinos!

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