Three quick news from around the world.


European Union- 28th of May

The European Commission proposed a set of laws banning the single-use plastic products. The action is part of a broader plan to reduce the environmental impact of plastic and to safeguard the oceans. “Single-use plastics take five seconds to produce, you use it for five minutes and it takes 500 years to break down again” stated Frans Timmermans, the vice-president of the commission. These measures though have to be approved by the unanimity of the member states of the European Union in order to be applied. The proposals foreseen the complete banning of those plastic products that have an affordable alternative in the market and consuption reduction for the others that do not have an equivalent. “If we don’t do anything about this, 50 years down the road we will have more plastic than fish in the oceans” said mr. Timmermans.

article123 plastic
     garbage on a beach in southern Athens (image Thanassis Stavrakis/Associated Press)


Guatemala- 3th of June

A volcano 30 miles distant from the capital city of Guatemala repetitively erupted on Sunday, spewing ash, rocks and gas into the air. The catastrophic outcomes of the event are massive, and the general landscapes of disruption are reported by Dr. Otto Mazariegos,president of the Association of Municipal and Departmental Firefighters: “We saw bodies totally, totally buried, like you saw in Pompeii”. The disaster killed at least 65 people and the number of missing is still not definitive; indeed, the death toll is likely to increase in the next hours.123art volcano

damages caused by the eruption (image by ohan Ordonez/AFP/Getty Images)


Italy- 5th of June

The Italian new Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte obtained a confidence vote from the upper chamber of the Italian Parliament. This first step represents the conclusion of a political crisis lasted almost three months, while the confidence from the lower chamber will arrive in the next days. The formed Government is the result of the alliance between the two so defined “populist” parties Movimento 5stelle and Lega, the two winners of the last Italian elections. Mr. Conte addressed the Senate with an inaugural speech where he underlined the main focus of his administration: Europe, immigration, pensions and taxes.

123art conte
    from the left Luigi Di Maio, Prime minister Giuseppe Conte and Matteo Salvini  (image by reuters)

(featured image Santiago Billy/AP)

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