A conversation with Manar M. Shukri

All over the world  humanity has been witness of battles to obtain the right to education. Nowadays, there are a lot of projects and organizations that pursue the goal of the homogenization of education for everyone. The main challenge of our century is to guarantee a school, a book and a pen for a child or an adult who wants to discover history, maths or science in order to build a “self-culture”. The importance of this process is fundamental to fight against the injustices and abuses from corrupted authorities or tyrants.

On September 25th, we had the pleasure to host Manar M. Shukri; a Senior Education Specialist, support UNICEF’s partner and Component Leader USAID funded project of Save the children.


In this way the famous guest Manar M. Shukri began the  Global conversation, stressing her aspirations and her life experiences. Education and school have joined in every moment her achievements and the  framingofher career.

First and foremost, in 1992 to 1997, she has been a 6thgrade teacher in Alma’ref School and Iman Early Leaning Center Amman Jordan. And from this point she fought for equality of children in kindergartens, the status of Syrian refugees in Jordan (about 700,000) and the access to services (about the 16% of children).

In addition to this, she has given us  an illustration of her life in Save the Children Jordan – UNICEF fund as  partnerto build capacities and ensure proper implementation, documentation and reporting.  She saw misery,  vulnerability and isolation of Jordanians children and families, so she began a process of innovation in order to improve the relationship between parents and teachers; this kind of “social  networking” between communities led to the 84% of children to have equitable quality access to KG2.

Secondly, she  talked about the importance of the ECE (Early Childhood Education) Component in the project “the education reform for knowledge economy”:she has supported the Ministry of Education and the main duties were focused on lead a process of building solid structured partnerships and cooperation with the government.

It is important to underline that the general challenge of Manar M. Shukri’s work is to give voice to the resolution of a problem which isn’t a priority for government.

In the end, after an emotional moment of the guest, in which she has explained that her kids are two milestones of her life, she has given us five words of wisdom to take away with us in our GG experience:

1)Learn how to work with others.

2)Keep the vulnerable in your mind.

3)Respect diversity.

4)Fight for the cause

5)Work for the cause.

“Slowly but surely” has become the slogan for some GG students and for the achievements of their dreams.

GG students asked lots of questions about the role of a woman and the difficulties in Manar M. Shukri’ job, the importance of education and going to school and how to work for children’s  growth.

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