“Darkness doesn’t exist if you have light in your soul”

A conversation with Hajia Najatu Mohammed

Ignorance, weapons, war, hunger.

These are considered keywords when talking about Africa, a continent which needs help. However, this wonderful country can’t be only described by these sad words. Indeed, this is a land full of perspectives, action, energy and courage. All of these characteristics are embodied by someone we were lucky enough to host on November 7th at one of our Global Conversations: Hajia Najatu Mohammed.


She is a mother, an activist, a teacher, a philanthropist and a politician. She was a member of the Presidential Committee from 2011 to 2012.
Her activism started with the political assassination of her husband.

Her most important activity is focused on the importance of education for all human beings, in particular for children. She told GG students some memorable stories about the condition of classes and the school equipment that students are given to learn.  She wanted to develop a new set of objectives for children: in particular, she is been focused on the importance of critical thinking as a tool to avoid the homologation of society and the governmental control of people’s minds.
She shared with us some of her stories and life experience, and open-heartedly admitted that sometimes it wasn’t easy to find the light in what seemed like a world full of darkness.
Despite the horror she had to witness – the core of her activism took place under Boko Aram, indeed – she eventually found the strength to go ahead and carry on with her beliefs, ideas and dreams.PHOTO-2018-11-07-11-36-16

She is an exceptional woman and a model for us: an example to follow when we think we don’t have the energy to keep on going.

She was kind enough to take the time to take many pictures with the students, and we also gave each other lots of kisses and hugs full of love, happiness and gratitude.

We are alive. We have the chance to make something special with our life, also for those who don’t have that chance or are not with us anymore.

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