Accademia Aeronautica: how two opposite realities somehow coexist


This year, as every year, the first year students (GG1) had the pleasure to go and visit the “Accademia Aeronautica” in Pozzuoli. The infrastructure is located near the commune of Naples, in an incredible place called Pozzuoli, with a beautiful view of the sea and the three isles Capri, Ischia and Nisida. The academy welcomes about 80 young cadets each year. Students have the possibility to choose among different programs (Undergraduate + Graduate) that include: Management of Aerospace systems, Engineering, Economics, Law and Medicine. After an intense five year program, students come out of the academy having a Master’s degree.

The school itself was founded in 1923 and since then every academic year has been named according to the letters of the alphabet. In the first year, 1923, A stood for Aquila, then B for Borea, and so on. Once arrived to the letter Z, the sequence would start all over again, beginning with A.

Students are selected through a rigorous procedure that include various written and oral exams.

GG1 experience

The 80 students of Global Governance 1 were divided into two groups in order to facilitate the organizational processes. As for the first group, we departed the 13th of March and came back on the 14th. The second group departed the 14th aand came back the 15th.

Once we arrived there, 3 hours after our departure, we immediately started with the program. Firstly, we were warmly welcomed by the cadets. Shortly after, we headed out to our first lecture. The goal of these combined lectures between the GG students and the cadets is to evidence the differences and similarities of our courses. The common ground that we analyzed together was the importance of Leadership and Group Interactions. Nowadays, group interaction has an incredible relevance in managing complex situations, weather it is in the aeronautic, academic or working field. Through several group exercises, we got an idea of how to manage situations in which team work and a potential leader are required. Leaders are people who are able to inspire and influence a group or an organization in a positive way. Different kinds of leaders exist, but some common character features can be identified: Intelligence, Confidence, Patience and Creativeness are some of the most relevant features for leaders. A leader needs to be confident in their actions and ideas, but at the same time they should be listening to recommendations of their followers. The key word “power” is very important in this context. Leadership means having an impact, control or influence over another person or group of people.

Moreover, leaders should have a global vision of the world, they should always keep in mind their “mission” and “vision” statements. The mission is the contemporary aim of the group, it is focused on the present of the organization, (who are we?). The vision is more oriented towards the future, it is what the whole group wants to achieve and accomplish, what they want to be in the future, (where are we going?).

Overall both university students and aeronautic cadets are subject to the impact of leadership and group interaction. Working with these two tools means to better the task that we could have done by ourselves. It means having not only one brain, but a multitude of minds that work toward a certain goal.



Col. Fernando Giancotti, 2016-2017. Leadership and Group interaction (slides).

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