AICS: “Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development”


AICS, “Italian Agency for cooperation and development”, is a public agency that overall promotes international development. The presentation held at the EXCO, an exhibition based on international cooperation, mainly focused on the law 125 that entered into force in August 2014. This law revolutionized the system of international cooperation for a sustainable development. Moreover, the law provides details on what the goals of AICS are. They are mainly concerning the elimination of poverty and inequalities, promotion of human rights and human dignity. Avoid conflicts and promote peace, improve the migration politics. AICS works in strict combination with the Sustainable Development Goals that were launched by the UN in 2015. These goals are a collection of 17 global goals decided by the United Nations General Assembly and that are to be reached in 2030. Goals are various and aim at bettering the environment and the world we live in.


1)   No poverty

2)   Zero hunger

3)   Good Health and Well-Being

4)   Quality Education

5)   Gender Equality

6)  Clean Water and Sanitation

7)   Affordable and Clean Energy

8)   Decent Work and Economic Growth

9)   Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

10)   Reducing Inequality

11)Sustainable Cities and Communities

12)Responsible Consumption and Production

13)Climate Action

14)Life Below Water

15)Life on Land

16)Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

17)Partnerships for the Goals


The goals represent what should be changed and improved by 2030.

Grazia Sgarra talked to us about the law 125 that is based on these 17 points aiming at improving cooperation for the development and the promotion of partnerships. The subjects of cooperation are various ones, going from public onto private industries. As public ones we understand institutions such as ministries, universities and regions. While the private ones are either no-profit and ones with profit making purposes. It is moreover important to operate in an inclusive business based on international investments. We should also involve more the private sector by establishing programs and partnerships. The article 27 of the law 125 is directly involved in the support and promotion of partnership and cooperation between different firms. It is also important to network and exchange information, this is the ultimate goal of the AICS foundation.

As a second speaker we had Lucia Marchigiani that cited the issue of the initial distrust and coldness between the world of cooperation of no-profit and profit and the general distrust in the good intention of firms. In order to promote inclusive business, we need to reset and abolish distrust.

She also deepened the fact on why we should show interest in cooperation; firms benefit of continuous learning and development, cooperation between profit and no-profit, empowerment of small firms. Cooperation has also a positive effect in the reputation of a firm and on how it is portrayed and seen from the outside world. The whole speech given about AICS showed and proved to the listeners that cooperation and development is an important way that contributes to the improvement of a firm, to the networking and to find new opportunities.




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