What is a black hole and where do they lead?

We know that the Universe is one of the biggest mysteries of the world and still remains unexplained,but what could possibbly await us in a black hole? The simple answer to all of these questions is, as Professor Richard Massey explains, “Who knows?” As a Royal Society research fellow at the Institute for Computational Cosmology at Durham University, Massey is fully aware that the mysteries of black holes run deep. “Falling through an event horizon is literally passing beyond the veil — once someone falls past it, nobody could ever send a message back,” he said. “They’d be ripped to pieces by the enormous gravity, so I doubt anyone falling through would get anywhere.”The first one that predicted black holes was Albert Einstein by linking space-time with the action of gravity.

But what is the definition of a black hole?A black hole results from a death of a massive star,if you looked at a black hole what you would really see would be an event horizon (I highly suggest to all of the readers to watch the movie ,,Interstellar”)

What would happen to us if we would fall into a black hole? We would experience time differently, because time seems to slow down as you approach the black hole and it would actually be possible to freeze in time, but dont get too excited, because getting in means fast death as your cells get torn apart until you are a hot stream of plasma.

Many scientist believe that black holes are wormholes to other galaxies. Thorne, who lent his expert advice to the production team for the Hollywood movie Interstellar, wrote: “We see no objects in our universe that could become wormholes as they age,” in his book “The Science of Interstellar” (W.W. Norton and Company, 2014). Thorne told Space.com that journeys through these theoretical tunnels would most likely remain science fiction, and there is certainly no firm evidence that a black hole could allow for such a passage.

Maybe a black hole leads to a white hole?And yes there are white holes,too,that unlicke black holes,allow light and matter to leave.

Now lets talk about the most interesting subject in my opinion: Are we living in a black hole?

It is very important to start with the fact that we may be part of a multi verse; that means that our universe is not the only one. It’s possible, in other words, that a black hole is a conduit—a “one-way door,” says Dr. Poplawski—between two universes. This means that if you tumble into the black hole at the center of the Milky Way, it’s conceivable that you (or at least the shredded particles that were once you) will end up in another universe. This other universe isn’t inside ours, adds Dr. Poplawski; the hole is merely the link. We might be the product of another old universe, the big bang actually being not the beginning of everything.

There are so many theories that explain the universe and how it works, but still we don’t get to know the truth of it all and it is unlikely that we will ever know it. Every night you and your bed unknowingly travel 858.240 km around the sun and 6.256.000 km around the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy. Sweet Dreams.

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