Diplomacy Festival: Ambassador of Germany to Italy.


Ambassador of Germany to Italy.



The beginning of the Diplomacy Festival has been signed by an interesting meeting with the German Ambassador H.E. Viktor Elbling; Cooperation and multilateralism were the 19most important topics of the day, in particular the future of markets and social issues are under threat. The Ambassador has underlined the pressure on the UN about these contemporary topics but also its global relevance. Moreover he linked his introduction to the past relevance of UN after the Second World War and the need of the creation of that organ for the promotion of  peace and security for the Member States; the mentality of war needed to be abandoned.

The equilibrium and international balance among States is the first step to achieve new goals for everyone.The latest news about Syria are other proofs that everyone needs to move forward a multilateral system that works in reality.

These days, finding agreements is fundamental in order to improve the global communication among Nations; the Ambassador underlined the importance of Iran agreement and Paris climate agreement.

Another important topic was related to “trade” and the recent news about the exports to US. Here the barriers of a country can destroy international exchanges behind national barriers.

All the discussions were related to the smart combination of politics, economy and society; this mix of perspective is the basis for governance. Moreover, it is fundamental the development of the ability of thinking in different ways at the same time never forgetting the final Goal. (a general technique used in Global Governance BA).

All the topics mentioned by the Ambassador have been developed and discussed by GG students; they made lots of interesting questions about current European and global challenges from a socio-economic point of view.

“The current situation in Turkey has risen the lack of European position, will Turkey be a part of European Union ?”

Turkey is a fundamental country not only for the richness and importance on artistic-cultural basis, but also for the new sustainable ideas for the second sector. Turkey is a part of European cultural baggage; for example, five million of German people have a Turkish background, so there was a perfect integration between the two countries. hope is always alive for turkey and the future will be brighter.

“According to the latest news, multilateralism is living a difficult period, how can it work? What is the position of Germany?”

Germany has to play the “role model” of the century. It was one of the first believers in renewable energy. Recently the country has created a “climate package” for everyone and now is the time to take decisions. There is the perfect energy to start a revolutionary period from different perspectives but it is not able to trigger a change.

“Nowadays migration is becoming an important issue, in particular for international relations and the economy for EU country. This topic is touching lots of relevant points also for diplomacy, how can we deal with that? Is every country going towards the right direction?”

These days there is not the possibility to have a perfect integration. Italy has the impression to be left alone into a dangerous ocean full of victims; but this is not the truth. An example is represented by Germany. During the Syrian war of 2015, 1.2 millions  of people came to Germany and they were hosted with happiness and respect. The European system of solidarity is doing its job and governments have to have more trust on it. Moreover, the Ambassador underlined the fact that the first question always has been the humanitarian one, economic interests come after; We need more cooperation and multilateralism.

“If we start talking about the importance of trust we began a discussion on international trust. How is important the trust of population in the government? What is the right balance between financial interests and humanitarian one?”

Find the right balance between two completely different topics with opposite values is a difficult practice. Finance and money in international relations have a relevant position but also the humanitarian part is fundamental to strengthen alliances, agreements.

Finance is a part of life, economic is basic part of politics and it needs trust to work better; money is complementary with the moral discussion. In order to succeed in international actions it is better to work at the same time in different fields with lots of perspectives.

Culture-economy-politics go together into international discussions. Keeping and mixing them during an analysis could bring to a faster solution, instead of dividing the fields without broad the mind.

“Talking about domestic politics, Italy and Germany are dealing with a common issue. Both countries are facing political fragmentation and fragility. Indeed Italy changes governments like “trousers”, but as well Germany had many problems and negotiations in order to reach a stable parliamentary majority. So, how is it possible to maintain a consistent foreign policy and multilateral relations, when the domestic matters are so controversial

Reach a stable majority, different negotiations, strong foreign policy but domestic matters are difficult… so what do we do?”

There is an instable condition in a moment of change: in Germany there is a huge consensus for  the right party (85 %); recently there have been very good changes. Italy is more stable instead of its appearance and both Nations can do a lot staying together and working as a team. The word “controversial” can be also reframed  as “complementary” if we see it from the right perspective. The ultimate goal has to be more important than the differences that can divide two countries.



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