Even if the world is so diverse and culturally different we have one thing in common and that is: we are all born free and equal in rights, this is what is said in the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights of December 10th 1948, but is this theory really applied to all human beings? Is it applied to everyone no matter the gender, religion, or race?
On a global point of view we can see public officials that are not longer willing to fight for the people that elected them but are transforming politics into a business rather than looking at it as a responsibility. Attacks are already something common in places like Syria,Sudan etc, where people are being killed brutally. There are countries that have democratic judicial systems but because they are underfunded, the police can use extrajudicial methods like torture to extract confessions out of a person. Even if we tend to think that we live in a world where people have basic rights, there are still horrible things happening like: In the Islamic countries the women lack equality, we can see a rise of political authoritarianism in countries like Russia and Turkey, backlashes about LGBT rights. Another problem is that some countries are against western mentality: for example, China used its veto in the UN security council to limit human rights.
Social media plays a really important role in showing world wide events, but how can we now that we can truly believe in a source. I think that the media in my country (Moldova) is not a trustworthy one because a lot of the broadcasting outlets are controlled by politicians and business figures.The Russian channels are really popular and watched in my country which means that there is continuous propaganda from the Russian government. It means that the government fails to protect human rights. High profile corruption destroys the trust in state institutions.
LGBT people have higher levels of discrimination and are really condemned by the church and the society in general.
The sad part is that a lot of people are not informed about the problems in the eastern European countries, like poverty, orphan-crises, and corruption. The state isn’t interested in solving these problems or cant solve them because of a weak economy.
The human rights are not only a problem in non-democratic countries because there is no country in the world that has a completely clean record on human rights.
However, we need to agree on the fact that nowadays we live in a world where there is the vote for women, countries that have abolished the death penalty and the abolition of slavery and etc.
Human rights and social justice…we see so many articles on it, so much news about it, such a paramount concept for which people fought throughout history and even if they managed to make the world just a little bit more equal and better we still struggle with social inequality.
I come from a country where corruption is seen everywhere: from a political point of view to smaller institutions like schools, hospitals etc. For me social justice is when no matter of your background you will have the same rights as everybody and you will be held responsible for not following the law. People need to understand that social justice implies a lot of things like: gender equality, adequate healthcare, freedom from religious discrimination, economic equality, etc… However, I think that we as a society don’t focus on the real problems, like for example feminism, many people are repelled by the word feminist, it doesn’t imply the fact that we should be more superior than men, it implies that there is no equality in the field of work, men get higher salaries, it implies the fact that around the world girls don’t get the same rights as boys to go to school and get their education and many more other things which cant be solved by just retweeting and sharing articles on the internet and making feminism just a trend.
How fast do we forget about horrible things that are happening around us, we watch news, documentaries, we see the bad things happening in the world, the people talk about it for 2 days and then forget about it.
We need to understand that we live in a world where many people live below the poverty line. Being poor is not just about not having money, it goes hand in hand with poor education, and then this leads to violence, alcohol, drugs use and an overall poor health status.
I don’t think that we will ever be able to live in a totally equal society, but we at least owe it to those that fought hard for the rights that we have today.

We don’t need to ever forget that we all have a responsibility to create a just society.

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