hqdefaultA conversation with Cristina Cricca

GG students have had the pleasure to listen to an interesting discussion about the importance of choices in life. Mrs. Cristina Cricca can be considered as the perfect example of the success of rapid changes in life: she came from a totally different background with respect to her actual job.

According to her point of view, every day we have to build and develop personal skills, create relationships or a network that is able to face the actual job environment that is resulting more and more difficult. She gave an inspiring perspective on our possibilities for the future. It has been an introspective experience and a moment of reflection.

She is a recruiting manager with a strong experience in Recruiting and Employer Branding activities, self-motivated, with strong communication, problem solving and negotiation skills. She is responsible for all the aspects of recruitment procedure: Sourcing, assessments, interviewing and on-boarding. She has studied at the Milan University, classical languages, literature and linguistics. Now she is working at MicKinsey & Company.

She built her personal path throughout various experiences and she believed in meritocracy that is always pay back all the past efforts. Her life changed radically with a new career in communication, in particular helping people: HR; recruiting was her path even if it needed a complex and rich background with technical skills. She realized that the most difficult part of her job corner was “working in frontof people”. That particular is the basis of every task that she could face: be able to explain your ideas in front of the CEOs or present a project in front of a company’s board.

In addition to this, it is relevant to know that she loves to discover new fields and “go-out” of her comfort zone in order to be able to face future challenges:

“even if you love your job it is normal sometimes to have problems, it is important to have someone to speak to and always share your ideas and opinions because every day things can change and a volatile second can twist your status quo“

 The general requirements for this kind of career, also for the majority of jobs, are fundamental to start with right foot: You have to have a good problem solving, quantitative skills and qualitative ones (not only a good ability with numbers), you should be able and enjoy working in team, good communication skills and leadership potential.

Motivation and Energy are the key words to enter into a new environment, showing all your potential will be the first step to be appreciate by colleagues.

In addition to this discussion, she asked to GG students three simple but at the same time “tricky” questions:

Who are you?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Where does your energy come from?


Not everyone was able to answer them and this created lot of curiosity in the audience. If you can imagine, at least, an answer then you can start understanding what is your Missionand Vision.

There is nothing right and wrong, we are all different but the most important detail that is common to everyone is enthusiasm. It is the key word of every life situation.

Expectations can ruin a career or develop it, it depends on how you face situations and your background. She is a pragmatic person, see things from another perspective, multidisciplinary approach.

The ability of adaptation is fundamental to survive in this new dynamic society: as  giraffe did with their necks in order to eat from higher trees; they found the solution to go away from death, humans can do the same with the instruments that possess. (Lamark’s Theory)

In the end of the conversation, she affirmed that she would have chosen B.A in Global Governance if she could go back in the past.

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