A conversation with Sebastiano Caputo

Every day, GG students is looking for his or her path in life: anxiety and indecision are parents of students and there is need to meet someone who has changed his life against all expectations.

caputo-fb.jpgSebastiano Caputo is a journalist and reporter, he was born in Rome. He worked with several newspapers, il Giornale, Treccani; he is the ideator and director of the online periodical “L‘intellettuale Dissidente”. Nowadays, he is the president of “Fondazione SOS Cristiani d’Oriente”. He has written for GOG Edizioni the books “alle porte di Damasco”, “Viaggio nella Siria che resiste” and “Mezzaluna sciita”.

Now he is 27 years old and he started this work 4 years ago. His life has changed when he moved to Middle East. The source of inspiration of his job is located incuriosity, common to the majority of journalists, to know what is going on in certain areas of the world.

First of all, he stressed the importance to study the place in which a reporter has to go where there is a war or political developments; a deeper understanding of culture and indigenous traditions is better to write amazing articles full of content.

When he moved to Damasco, his career started to be real.

In 2015 it was a difficult situation in Syria.

The Syrian Civil War is an ongoing multi-sided civil war in Syria fought between the Ba’athist Syrian Arab Republic led by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and foreign forces opposing Syrian government. The war began on the 15thMarch 2011 in Damascus and Aleppo. It has  been fought by several factions: the Syrian armed Forces, an alliance of Sunni opposition rebel groups, Salafi Jihadist groups, the SDF and the ISIL. Since September 2015, Iran, Russia and Hezbollah support the Syrian Arab Republic with Russia conducting airstrikes against ISIL.

Nowadays, it is difficult to be a journalist: crisis of newspapers (expensive for various factors), linked with internet and the development of technology;  it is a big problem because of the presence of google, for example, and you have all the information that you need.

Anyway, Internet has to be seen as a possibility and an opportunity, the power located in its network has to be exploited in the right way and journalists have the capacities to do so.

March 2011 started war in Syria. There were terroristic implications in protests.

Moreover, truthhas to be placed at the first place: this can be challenging and at the same time, simple as drinking a bottle of water.

After eight years people can’t understand what happened there. In our century, disinformation is one of the first plagues of society. Syria can be compared to Vietnam war: it was a proxy war, not a civil one, there were international players and international interests.

In Syria there was an imported war: a top-down attack.

It was a convergence of interests, Obama administration imported the war, the allies were Turkey-Israel-Egypt-Jordan-Qatar. They attacked the Syrian government and the country fought alone.

The guest underlined also that in geopolitics there is the need to analyze the wider picture of the situation: different factors and subjects that work all together. Finding the order, the journalist finds out the key to present news in a crystalline manner, clear as glass and powerful as a bomb.

In the end, Mr. Caputo affirmed that he felt alive with this new job and he adviced young GG students to follow their instinct, having the courage to undertake difficult decision without the fear of mistakes.




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