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I am pretty sure that you have heard that women nowadays have much more rights than that of 50 years ago, and I agree with this. Many facts and data prove the same! However, the conquest of many social spaces does not mean that women already reach real and substantial gender equality across the globe. While white European women are battling to earn the same salaries as their coworkers, black women in Brazil are fighting to achieve higher education, and refugee women desire to hold their culture respect in the “western world.” 

We find inequality even when we are seeking to search for equality. The demands inside feminism are different based on geographical area and culture. All of the battles matter a lot, but every time that societies put all of the various problems on a single box, we are in the same way killing women who come from diverse backgrounds and need different types of support.

In precise terms, according to the World Economic Forum, it will take 202 years to close the economic gender gap at the current pace of change. It means that more than 5 generations after this one, women will have to deal with the reality of less education, less reliability, less opportunities based on their disparity of incomes. 

When talking about politics, the situation is also alarming. Today only 10,5% of the Brazilian congress is composed of women. In the UK, the parliament elected 34% of women now in December, punctuating a rise of their participation in a male-dominated area. However, it is still far from an egalitarian scenario. This situation often happens to the detriment of the type of incentives and education women receive at young ages with phrases that go from “you should not talk too much” to “you should not be exposed too much as a lady.”

Fortunately, this year, young women gained new historical positive records. Finland will have its young Prime Minister Sanna Marin, and Greta Thunberg was recognized as the person of the year by Time magazine. I see a balance that, at the same time that brings good outcomes, remind me that in the peripheral world, we still have higher taxes of femicide and lack of preliminary services.

With so much exhausting information, I call attention to questions like: How many books have we been buying from women? How many black women have we been reading in our lives? Are we creating societies that reinforce stereotypes? There are many questions to be done and to be answered. As a young feminist activist, one of my duties is to inform, to remember that we are in an unsafe world for women that continually try to normalize absurds patterns. And yes, from the major to the smallest actions, each one has its significance when searching for positive results. When a woman creates a local NGO or wins a Nobel Prize, the whole community is winning.

However, while women are subjecting themselves to unsafe labors, dying on clandestine abortion clinics in South America, stopping their studies for child marriage, brave women will continue to be resistance. There are many high positions to be achieved that will not be less significant because of the slight progress of some sectors. Liberty only has its full impact when everybody can enjoy the same benefits. 



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