Artistic representations have always been part of our life and environment as human beings. Art is something that can be seen and interpreted in many different ways, shapes and forms. What is art for one person may not be art for another one; it is in this little detail that art actually takes it form and manifests itself. Art does not have a unique and superficial definition; in fact, it would be banal to just put this form of expression into a simple box in order for human beings to quantify it. However, we still can find a general characterization of this word: “Art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing artifacts, expressing the authors imaginative or technical skills or conceptual ideas. Art should attract and transmit beauty and emotional power.” The three main and most common expressions of art are painting, sculpture and architecture. However, we can also define as art various other activities such as theater, film, dance and music in general.

The most ancient forms of art can be found during the Paleolithic age and are expressions of everyday life. There has been proofs and findings of ancient pictures and representations that were engraved in caves and huts. These ancient times form of art are engraved depictions were usually representations of daily happenings as for example hunting scenarios. While during the medieval times art started to focus much more on religious themes and on the way that the artwork was done. Many different techniques started to evolve and art began to take various forms. During the renaissance art started to take more and more into consideration human beings on an anatomic point of view. Faces, bodies and lineaments were painted on a much clearer note that it was ever seen before. While during the 18th and 19th century currents such as the symbolism, fauvism and impressionism started to come up. Many other vanguards such as the expressionism, cubism, Dadaism and surrealism came into life during the 20th century. Moreover, the increasing communication skills and global interactions made art much more accessible to people. The more interaction, the more different cultures and forms of representations got combined, the more new inventions and styles started to come up. If there is something that one can overall say about artistic currents is that they come and go. In fact, what was once interesting to people’s eyes may be totally boring now and vice versa. Art can be banally compared to trends such as fashion for example. Not everything that was popular before is considered trash nowadays. Many pieces that were seen as “in style” a couple of decades ago may come back into life in the future. The same thing goes for art, there is no right or wrong of in art. There is not beautiful and ugly; art is something personal that can be interpreted in different ways depending on the person that is observing.

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