What is a dream? We have all experienced it but yet nobody knows why do we really dream each night.For thousands of years humans have seen dreams as mystical or as some type of window into our deeper selves.There are cases in which dreams inspired artists( the famous Rolling Stones ,,I cant get no satisfaction”),scientists (like the arrangement of the periodic table).

Why do we dream? And do dreams serve any purpose?

Before we fall asleep our brains are a mess of thoughts, because of the neurons the electrical activity creates chaotic electromagnetic waves. When the dream process begins our bodies are temporarily paralyzed, except for our eyes. That is REM (rapid eye movement). One of the areas of the brain that is off while we are dreaming is the logical judgement filter (prefrontal cortex) that is why some of our dreams are so bizarre and strange, so don’t be scared the next time you dreamed of riding a flying unicorn.On the other hand the emotional side of the brain is active during this process.

We spend about the fifth of the time we sleep dreaming. When we wake we always have a profound impression of the dream. Back in history,people thought that dreams are a message from gods .In the 2nd century A.D, a man named Artemidorus became the first real dreams researcher. His dream guide was based on interviews from all over the Roman Empire; as an example he wrote that: belly buttons portend the death of your parents, if a widow dreams she has a beard, she will get a second husband.

But there was a turning point in 1600, when the British philosopher John Locke called dreams incoherent and irrational.

In 1899, two books were published that changed the notion of dreams, one was by Santiago Ramon Y Cajal (the father of modern neuroscience) and one was written by no other than Sigmund Freud, that claimed that dreams are not just random visions but so much more and that they hide our inner desires. 

Nowadays the theory that symbols in dreams have any meaning is rejected by scientists. Some researches showed that there is the same pattern for dreams in different parts of the world,t he most famous are: dreams of being chased, of having sex and of falling .One in 5 people have the dream of their teeth falling ,men tend to dream of other men more, while women dream about both sexes almost equally.

The dream in which people see their teeth falling down, can be a sign of anxiety. The dreams don’t hide meanings, they are just created from our own emotions and memories.

There is also lucid dreaming, when you can control your own dream, but a small percentage of the humans can do that.

I still remember some of my most bizarre dreams and I’m fond of this subject, something that we see every night and its deeply hidden inside of us.

Sweet dreams to all of you.

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