Nature and its Impact on the Human Well-Being

Our natural environment is full of diversity and is multivariable; this is what makes it so special. The flora and fauna range from west to east having completely different semblances. Nature is fundamental not only for us human beings but also for the whole environment we live in. Without well-functioning ecosystems our whole fragile stability would collapse. Ecosystems are communities of living organisms that are in conjunction with nonliving components of the same environment. These two distinct features, the living and nonliving entities, are linked to one another and interact in a direct system. Living and nonliving entities are crucial to each other and set the basis for a self-sufficient structure. Ecosystems are however not of static nature; in fact, they are subject to changes from outside factors and disturbances. The more changes and human footprint we incorporate and transmit to these systems, the more we alter them in a negative way. This is such a pity, in fact, without the work of these ecosystems human beings wouldn’t even be alive. Nature does wonders to us in such ways that we cannot even imagine. While, the only thing that we as humans give back to is waste and pollution. The positive aspects that nature gives us as humans are infinite; from stress, anger and fear relief that brings us to an emotional and physical well-being. It is sufficient to go for a 1 hour walk each day in order to reduce blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and the production of stress hormones. The most significant impact that nature has on us is the reduction of stress and anxiety levels. During a time in which people tend to spend their time mostly being in front of a computer and working online, nature is a great way to balance out the daily life. The invention of computers, phones and the whole digital world are per se not harmful, in fact, they contribute enhancing our possibilities. However, if used in the wrong way, internet can become a huge treat without even acknowledging it. The amount of hours spent looking and scrolling through Facebook, Instagram or even just reading the infinite amount of daily news is insane. The hardest thing is the acknowledgement procedure; in fact, once acknowledged the problem one can also effectively contrast it. And this is where nature comes in handy; in fact, a lack of time in the natural world that in this case is due to the excessive use of internet has been associated with stress, anxiety and depression. Nature includes so many vast areas that there are places suitable for everyone’s desire; may it be the mountains, green parks, the ocean, woods and many more. Nature is therefore important because it reduces mental fatigue and it increases the level of attention that is often equal to zero after a long day of working or studying. Generally, it increases concentration and the ability to perform.




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