Mission and vision: the role of the leader within the group

Lev Tolstoj once said that even if people are used to think that reality is what exists, true reality is what never existed.
He said that the ideal is the only thing that we truly know and understand, and he believes that only the ideal can guide us as individuals and as a community in our lives: it is our light on the environment surrounding us.
The ideal, the imagine we have, is the mean thanks to which we can achieve our mission, it’s our vision.
The vision is “who we want to be”, it’s the empowerment of our personal attention to our common goal, while the mission is “what we must do”, it’s our aim, what we want to achieve.
It’s important to stress “we”, because the entire group must invest its energy towards that ideal, an ideal modeled shaped and graved in the minds, a vision shared and in which each one of us must believe in order to pursue the common goal, to achieve together our mission.
It’s not always easy to believe, sometimes the challenges that we have to face are hard and the odds may seem to be against us, and that’s why we need someone to remind us why we are doing it and why we shouldn’t give up on it.
Remembering the words of Toni Morrison, somebody has to take responsibility for being a leader: the leader is the custodian of the goal and the protector of the ideal, he is the one reminding us our mission and our vision.
A good leader provides the vision and attracts the group member to believe in it and to work hard to accomplish it, he has the task to “lift people’s vision to a higher sight, raise their performance to a higher standard and build their personality beyond its normal limitations”.
In order to do that, a leader must care. He must care about the mission, the vision and of course about the people he is working with.
Ernest Hemingway once wrote, “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self”.
Being part of a group is about being human and respected, being different within the group.
The success in any organization is driven by the people that work there, and because of that, the purpose of a leader is to always remember that the people that are collaborating with him are individual human beings that are all different and therefore should be treated as such.
This is the key to success: to inspire and to be inspired by the people around you.

Arianna Maviglia

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