A conversation with Tiziana dell’Orto

“Create your opportunity, decide and take it without forgetting your purpose!! ”


These words were the starting point of a very “special” global conversation which did not take place in our wonderful University because of the difficult situation in which our country is living. Global Governance does not fear challenges: unforeseen events are not enough to stop students from their learning path… the show must go on!!

GG students have had the pleasure to make an online meeting with a wonderful guest, a woman that loved challenging herself in different job sectors, politics, economics, putting all her energies to change the world.

maxresdefaultTiziana dell’Orto graduated in Physics from La Sapienza University in Rome and has been a researcher at l’école Polytechnique Féderale de Lausanne, Switzerland. She has had lots of work experiences: Head of Major Donors at Unicef Italia, responsible private fund raising at “Accademia Nazionale Santa Cecilia”, consultant of public and private companies to manage European Commission Funded Projects, founder of a no-profit association to protect women from violence “Scarpe Rosse”. Moreover, she was appointed as Director General of the WFP Italia and member of the board and right after she started a new adventure as Secretary General of the EY Foundation.

The first part of the conversation was focused on her career but everyone in the “virtual room” could feel her feelings while she was narrating her numerous career adventures: her anxiety in changing completely her plans for her life or her happiness after a successful fund raising project; energy was in every GG’s students house.

An added value to her presentation concerned her honesty admitting her fears and doubts; it was like taking a ride on her personal roller coaster.

When she was a child, her dream was become an astronaut but then she started her studies in physics falling in love with the subject. The scientific basis were fundamental for her future challenges because they built her problem-solving skills: in difficult situations a scientist is used to find solutions. Solutions can be located everywhere, they are visible and transparent at the same time but instruments that we have can make the difference.

The keywords to describe the success of Mrs. Dell’Orto are “network” and “passion”. She never stopped studying, facing life with energy and excitement, hungry of new experiences which will carry her to move his professional figure from consultant to manager, university Professor and the main character of solidarity programs. Her passion for classical music was the background melody for her actions and she never gave up on herself: she toke every chance to enlarge her network through events, conferences and concerts.

In the second part of the meeting, Mrs. Dell’Orto mentioned the new challenges undertaken by EY Foundation and the goal of the company: build a better working world, it operates as a network of member firms that are structured as

“Arts meets Red Shoes” organized by Foundation Scarpe Rosse

separate legal entities in a partnership with 270,000 employees all over the world. The spotlight is designed to look towards the future dealing with current challenges, such as sustainability, linked with current social necessities. Risk plays an important role in our life; most of the time our most successful achievements come from a “leap in the dark”.

Tragedies needs to be taken as opportunities, in particular in this period full of insecurities and chaos, the lighthouse of the mind is in front of us.

Nowadays, we need the courage even to choose when leave our houses for fair reasons but we don’t have to forget our goals, what we are giving up for our dreams. Moreover, we have a lot of time to work on ourselves without losing these “precious” days in order to be ready for the golden ones.




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