Why Every Kid Should Learn How To Sail

A few weeks ago I stumbled across an article that analyzed an articles’ point of view on the benefits of sailing while being a kid. It basically described the benefits of taking sailing lessons while being a young child and adolescent. This sport can help in many ways to form a kid’s childhood and behavior. The original writer, Daniela Clark, is a sailing instructor, sea-photographer, and blogger at the “Waterviews” blog. She listed 10 points on why one should try out sailing during childhood (and not only)!

Generally speaking, we can say that every type of sport helps to form and mold a children’s character. The self-confidence aspect is also very important, just as the team spirit that is formed. Not to mention the numerous health benefits of different kinds of sports entail. However, sometimes sports can be seen as an obligation that the parents impose on their children; this is why everyone should be willing to try out diverse activities to be able to find out the best for oneself.

Nevertheless, these are ten points on why sailing is important and why everyone should try it out:

1)   Self-confidence

Being able to build up self-confidence while sailing is very easy. There is no better feeling than the one of being on a boat by ourselves and being able to maneuver it without any external help. It gives us a sense of confidence in what we are doing and it boosts the belief in ourselves.

2)   Awareness of the entourage

Coordination is a big point while sailing; in fact, maneuvers such as the turn, going around certain predetermined parkour, or taking care of other boats around you are very important criteria for the development of the sense of orientation. These points require also a lot of coordination, which can be helpful later on while learning how to drive a car for example.

3)   Orientation

A good sense of orientation is a key element while sailing. In fact, not all boats, especially the smaller ones, have a radar or compass mechanism. Smaller boats such as the Optimists that are mostly used for beginners and children don’t have such apparatuses. This is why it is important to at least get to know your entourage and become familiar with the thought of needing to be independent while sailing.

4)   Knowledge about the weather

Weather knowledge is something very important while sailing, however, it can be also helpful at times.

5)   Sense of tidiness

One of the most important things while sailing might be the tidiness and organization. In fact, especially in bigger boats, things can get messy. A good organization method can help to avoid useless stress while sailing. Moreover, all of the process that one does before and after sailing requires a lot of rationality. The process of arming and disarming a boat needs to follow specific steps and rules to avoid confusion with other pieces of other boats.

6)   Toughness

Another important point is the toughness that one should have while sailing. Sailing can be really amusing during summer; however, it can become tough in adverse conditions such as rain, strong wind, and generally during wintertime.

7)   Sense of responsibility

Sailing involves the responsibility to lead the boat in a safe way. This responsibility, if given to children is helping them to understand that for every action there will be a consequent reaction. Sailing gives children the responsibility for themselves and for others around them.

8)   Vision

Having a vision and a plan on what is going on and what could be going on in the near future is crucial. Sailing requires a certain equilibrium of the sailors; being able to adjust to the current conditions and being able to foresee and react to future uncertain conditions.

9)   Courage

Sailing entails courage; this is sure. Not everyone is capable to overcome their fears of capsizing, of the wind, or of the cold water.


Perhaps the most important point is this last one: patience. Sailing isn’t very challenging to get to know. Once you know the basic rules you will be able to sail in a decent way. However, sailing entails so many components and variables that no one can influence. Things such as the wind, the sea, and waves are not so easy to predict.

All of these characteristics and features helpful while sailing, however, they also tell and help us a lot about life in general. A good sense of responsibility, patience, toughness, and tidiness will for sure help us also in other situations than the one of sailing. Most importantly, sailing teaches us that there are some things that are not predictable and will never be able to be forecast properly.

Therefore, it tells us to adjust to the conditions and make the best out of it.



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