On the 26th of April 2020, the Italian government issued a new decree which explained the newly established norms to follow by the citizens during the second phase of the Covid-19 emergency. In particular, the fundamental freedoms of the citizens are enclosed in the first article of the decree, as they follow.

Physical displacement

The physical displacement is allowed only inside the region (in this case, Lazio). This means that citizens can move alone with public or private transport means only for necessities: work, health and care and targeted visits to “congiunti” (you can find the explanation in the “who you can meet” paragraph).

Physical activities

Individual physical activities such as jogging or walking are allowed, but with the following restrictions: two meters of social distancing for people who practice individual sports (jogging), and one meter of social distancing for a normal walk. Physical activities are also allowed in parks, and, specifically for Lazio region, the governor of the region Zingaretti established the mandatory use of chirurgical face masks. It is not allowed to practice group activities such as leisure ones (friends of family gatherings, group sports and barbeques). Moreover, people can’t do any kind of activity at the beach, also for those who live close to sea areas.


For what concerns universities, it is allowed the use of libraries, but the lectures will be running online. For those students who are involved in research activities, you are allowed to use labs only if they provide enough space to guarantee social distancing and avoid gatherings.

What is absolutely forbidden and mandatory

Forbidden: the creation of gatherings in public and private areas, such as manifestations or group activities.

Forbidden: physical displacements without a valid reason (they are enlisted in the “physical displacements” paragraph) and it is recommended “to keep in the pockets” the module of “self-certification” that you can find on the official website of the government.

Mandatory: the use of chirurgical face masks for outdoor activities, especially for closed areas such as supermarkets.

Who can you meet?

You can meet only your “congiunti”, and this means: your partner, relatives and person/people you live with. You can not create gatherings of people or party or meet more than one person. You can meet neither friends nor others that are not “congiunti”


When you go out of your building, you still need to have with you the auto-certification document. If you go to the house of a “congiunto”, you have to write on it the address of the person you are going to meet. If you don’t have it, the police will provide you one. If you do sports near home, you can also do not have it. Probably in the next days, a new document will be published. We will advise you. Stay tuned!

Food take away

In Rome, businesses as bar, restaurants, ice cream shops, confectioneries and pizza “al taglio” shops won’t open, but take away will be possible. Also going there with the car and taking the food without eating it near the business is allowed.

Protective Masks

Mask are mandatory in closed spaces (bus, trains, businesses, offices, buildings) and in open spaces where the social distance can not be respected. In Lazio region, you have to wear them also on the streets, if you are talking with someone. The social distance is mandatory also if you have the mask.

Gaia Ferrazza e Davide Marinali


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