Is the Covid-19 quarantine lifestyle going to change the way we will dress from now on?

Besides the “pillow-dress” challenge that invaded Instagram with many celebrities wearing only a pillow and a fancy belt, a challenge that – we can all agree on – was won by Anne Hathaway 

 Our style in fashion is having a drastic makeover. 

It’s no secret that these days our outfits have been characterized by leggings, sweatpants, or our beloved pajamas. Our routine has been shifted into a classical Sunday off, where our burdens get substituted by comfort and sometimes boredom. 

For many of us, unfortunately, being quarantined does not save them from work reunions and meetings, happening now online. Thanks to online meetings, someone was able to see the living room of their boss or to catch their coworker, who always wears a white shirt, in a comfy XL shirt. Nonetheless, there is still a need to maintain a professional appearance. We are living a new era for the world of Fashion, in which comfort meets elegance: under a cute blouse or a white shirt there is a pair of grey sweatpants with unmatching fuzzy slippers. 

We are slowly getting used to this kind of trend, and it will be a tough one to let go. When it will be safe to step back outside and we will be able to go back to our normal lives, we will surely still see the same outfits that we are now carefully hiding behind a camera.  

Many influencers and models have been showing us on Instagram their own version of this new trend. 

Smart jackets with black leggings, fancy shirts with sweatsuits: this is how our daily outfits will look like, the perfect way to balance the cozy comfort we are now used to with the elegant professionality required. What today is considered lackluster and dull could become the new trend of the 2020s.

Giulia Soverini

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