On May the 16th, the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte presented the new decree, Decreto-Legge 16 Maggio 2020, n. 33, in force starting from May the 18th. With this new set of rules, there will be a strict collaboration between the Italian Parliament and Anci, the National Association of Italian municipalities, for the implementation of new measures to limit the rise of the infections.

Physical displacement

From the 18th of May, it will not be necessary to use self-certification within the regions. When moving to another region, it is instead necessary to have a completed form with the address of starting and arrival and the reason for the transfer. Until June 3, it will be possible to move to regions only for reasons of work, health, necessity, and urgency. It’s not possible to visit relatives in other regions except for the urgent reasons listed above, and from June 3rd returning to Italy from other European countries will be allowed.

Re-openings – Regione Lazio

  1. Restaurants and cafès: from May the 18th, these activities can reopen, and the owners must adapt and arrange the spaces in order to ensure at least one meter between the tables, in the absence of physical barriers; the guidelines provide for four square meters per customer. Buffets and the use of paper menus are prohibited and the list of customer reservations will be kept for fourteen days.
  2. Retail trade activities, including shopping malls and outlets
  3. Markets and kiosks in public areas and crafts shops
  4. Barbershops, hairdressers, beauty salons and tattoo studios
  5. Travel agencies

Physical activities

  1. Individual activities are allowed also at sports centres, respecting the sanitization measures and social distancing between the athletes and instructors
  2. Beaches: the space between umbrellas will be about ten meters and the one between beds of one meter and a half 
  3. It is possible to travel by motorbike in two while in the car the distance of one meter must be kept if the person is not a cohabiting partner, so the passenger shall be on the backseat
  4. Nautical activities for pleasure 
  5. Pilotage of ultralight planes
  6. Fishing activities
  7. Animal-training activities in equipped areas


Regarding universities, it is allowed the use of libraries and for those students who are involved in research activities, you are allowed to use labs only if they provide enough space to guarantee social distancing and avoid gatherings, as stated in the previous decree.

What is forbidden and mandatory

Forbidden: gatherings in public and private areas, such as manifestations or group activities

Mandatory: the use of face masks for outdoor activities, especially in closed areas such as supermarkets

Who can you meet?

It is possible to meet friends by keeping the necessary distance. As stated before, gatherings are not allowed either in public or private spaces.

Protective Masks

Masks remain mandatory in closed spaces and in open spaces where it is not possible to respect social distancing. Social distancing must be respected where there is the possibility, also if you are wearing face masks

By Chiara Giuliano and Sofia Basile 







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