DISCLAIMER: this article is not a way of spreading fake news and should be treated just as a collection of theories. The information that is going to be listed is not verified and officially approved.

In accordance with what is happening right now around the world, I thought to myself why not dig deeper into the world of conspiracy theories and see what are the things that could have made the COVID-19 to spread. As i was surfing the internet, I stumbled onto some really interesting articles about it that I consider to have a point.

There are many conspiracies about the virus: a big power against other countries, a group of influential people that provoked all this, the government against its own people (and  , to be honest, it is not a secret for anyone that it has been done also in the past). So which one is to believe in?

I want to start with the enigma of which is the origin of the virus, Some people believe that the virus was artificially created and is spreaded because a bio-weapon programme went wrong, but which would be the goal of it? Economically countries did not  have anything to gain from this pandemic, so what might be the reason? A patented vaccine owned by only one country? Who is then the one to blame?Even if there is a cure already, it is going to be held hidden because of economical reasons involved in selling an overpriced antidote. This move, in fact, is the best choice for the big pharmaceutical companies, because  it is in their own interest to sell expensive vaccines.

The majority of people have already heard the theory about the negative impact of 5G  , that makes individuals vulnerable to the virus; however,  again the speculations do not really add up, because a virus cannot be spread by an electromagnetic spectrum. Also, the virus is spreading in countries where the 5G has  not been tested.The scientists affirm that a connection between 5G and the virus is biologically impossible.This conspiracy theory has been marked like one of the worst kind of fake news by NHS England Medical Director Stephen Powies.When this speculation spread on facebook fast people believed in 2 things:either 5G can suppress the immune system,thus making people get the virus faster or the second theory that the virus may somehow be transmitted through the use of 5G.Biologists come to help and say that it is impossible for severeal reasons:the 5G radio waves are tiny and they are not strong enough to affect the immune system,meaning that they are not powerful enough to damage cells.So this theory is not near the truth.

Another theory is that the virus was spread because of the overpopulation and the big number of elderly people, taking into example the situation of Italy which we know is in the top rankings for elderly population or China that is struggling with the overpopulation.So people believe that the chinese government wanted to start a project ,,population cleansing’’.But again taking into example Italy,is this really a smart move knowing the devastating crisis the virus is going to bring.The Financial Times is predicting that Italy could enter it’s 4th recession in a decade.The tourism has to suffer,too which is also economically important for Italy.For the whole EU this might lead to a bigger catastrophe.

Another dark scheme is the achievement of the “biopower”, that is equal to social control. A national vaccine will be made that contains a microchip to subjugate receivers.However,  people were speculating about the same thing also in the past, when the H1N1 started to spread.

People were also supposing that the pandemic is just a way of getting  humans  to stay locked into their homes, because of some NATO exercises in Europe. This theory was shared on the internet with some additional photos that people took of military tanks on the empty roads.But others think that its just countries response meaning that is just a help for local authorities to tackle the crisis.Military units are helping with logistics and distribution of medical equipment around different countries.

Of course the internet is full of posts that state the prediction of a virus of such kind by Nostradamus, Bill Gates and the popular cartoon “The Simpsons”,which has always been involved in some kind of prediction. Online there is still a big number of shares on a video from 2015, a Bill Gates Ted Talk in which he warned people of a new pandemic that might spread in the future.”The failure to prepare could allow the next epidemic to be dramatically more devastating than ebola,” he said. “You can have a virus where people feel well enough while they’re infectious that they get on a plane, or they go to a market.” The theory around this states that Gates along other influential people is using the coronavirus pandemic as means of installing a worldwide caste system based on a digital ID.”I’d say it’s ironic that you take someone who’s doing their best to get the world ready and putting, in my case, billions of dollars into these tools for infectious diseases, and really trying to solve broadly infectious diseases — including those that cause pandemics,” Gates said. “But we’re in a crazy situation, so there’s going to be crazy rumors.”

A survey made in USA shows that nearly 3 in 10 Americans believe that the virus was made in a laboratory. However, multiple scientists do not agree with this idea, because it has entirely natural origins as a zoonotic virus originating in bats.

A lot of people also embrace the idea that this pandemic actually does not exist,that the Covid-19 is not worse than a flu and that the death rates are inflated.

Maybe it is part of the human nature to always think that something is being hidden from us, and that we do not always get truthful information being them sometimes manipulated by the media, but, as interesting as these theories may sound, they  are just theories, which means that they are  not verified.

Stay safe.

Milena Rusu

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