The Angel’s game is a novel wrote by Carlos Ruiz Zafón in 2009, it is the second book of the tetralogy of The Cemetery of Forgotten books.

The story takes place in a beautiful and cruel Barcellona between the 1920s and 1930s and introduce us to the life of David Martin, a talented writer with a troubled childhood and a fervid imagination.

David makes a living by writing baroque stories under a pseudonym, and since his childhood he found refuge from the reality in the world of books and in Sempere’s library.

His life is characterized by a series of complex and dynamic relationships, starting with the one with his mentor and friend, Pedro Vidal, the one with his protector and always reliable friend, Mr Sempere, and going on with Cristina, daughter of Vidal’s chauffeur and Isabella, an admirer and aspirant writer.

The most complex relationship of all is the one with an editor, Andreas Corelli, a controversial and mysterious character who asks him to write a book able to change minds and heart, the invention of  a new religion.

This work makes David realize that there is a connection between Andreas Corelli and the mysteries and shadows surrounding his house and its previous owner.

He engages a dangerous game in the search for the truth, a game in which everyone is involved and no one is safe, a game in which the vibrant city of Barcellona is the protagonist alongside all its secrets and lies.

There are many layers, perspectives, different point of views and impressions you may have about this book, Zafon gives his readers the possibility to interact with the characters and story according to what they want to see and feel and enables us to discover and see in a new light our inner self in a sensational tale discussing religion, magic, love and madness without judgment, letting us choose what to stand for and what to fall for.

I believe this is a book that everyone should read no matter his/her personal taste or experience, it’s a magic tale inviting us to step in the process of the storytelling and complete it and give our own meaning to it depending on what we bring into the story, how we interpret it and depending on who we are.

It’s a story that is many stories, many reflection of the people stepping in and out the plot, it’s a story about your own reflection and what does it look like.

It’s a book for people who want to engage in, people willing to sort things out and that are willing to try and see what does it look like to not be guided by the plot but to be the one in charge, to be the leading one, to build up the story and see it coming to life.

Most importantly, it’s a book for everyone who is willing to find himself/herself in the pages of a forever haunting tale, a place where you will always be able to come back and find something new, the new that you are able to bring and grow.

Arianna Maviglia


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