A conversation with Riccardo Campione

In this last Global Conversation, Global Governance has surprised GG students with an amazing guest who has engaged every person in the virtual room. What a better way to end a difficult year where new challenges, anxiety and opportunities came up to test the unity of the course.

Digital platforms have been the core of the meeting but behind the technological part, there were other “shades” that depicted the final portrait of a new world that is changing in front of our eyes and we need to take care of it.

Riccardo_CampioneMr. Riccardo Campione is an enthusiastic teacher who wants to promote innovation, technology and the curiosity of his students. He is a faculty member at Les Roches Crans-Montana Global Hospitality where he teaches Digital Distruption, Revenue Management and Pricing. At the same time he is a consultant for global Hospitality corporations, startups and he collaborates with several international universities and their Research labs.

Mr. Campione brought his teaching style to Global Governance in a smart way in order to give practical examples and learn from them. Technology, innovation and digital platforms have been the leading points of the conversation; all these topics strictly related to the impact on humanism and communities.

The lack of his physical presence was not an obstacle for Global Governance’s students to share their considerations and contribute to the meeting: energy and happiness that characterize GG students is always present and has no limits.

At the very beginning, our special guest introduced some general concepts about platform business models and how they can improve the activity of an organization. Platforms need to be seen as products, they contribute in the value creation for customers and the company itself. Different players interact on digital platforms: competition changes and also the “traditional” image of customers becomes a more dynamic state of mind; the product-distribution-value proposition factors are part of a multi sided market.

Taking into account the last developments in the market and the speed of ideas spreading is going, it is important to underline how companies can create new value for customers; Airbnb is a clear example of a platform that has tried to re-think about their competition and business model.

Airbnb has created a clear connection between people who are looking for a place to stay with those who have experienced it.

Mr. Campione has tackled lots of interesting topics linked with platforms, such as privacy, but the beauty of the first part of the conversation in a nutshell was the possibility to compare and discuss different aspects of business platforms with objectivity and energy.

The discussion on platforms is strictly related to innovation. An example is an amazing video on YouTube: a robot is used to represent the life of children who have experienced war. If you want to watch it here there is the link  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_qxc815IRA

In this case, YouTube is a business platform that shares content and has promoted the video to obtain funding for War Child; advertisement is a part of the project presented as “entertainment”. Platforms are flexible, they can implement your work and if you set a precise goal, they can help you to achieve it.

Another nice example of how platform are useful to create value proposition for customers is the “Denim Tech project”. In order to understand better the project we propose you to watch it, here you have the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=6&v=wRqYBGpybGI&feature=emb_title

The ”Denim Reimagined” project is part of a huge idea: the creation of traceable denim collection to reduce the end-to-end carbon footprint of clothes.

This campaign has had not only a remarkable effect on the value to deliver to customers, but also on the economy of the company and the sustainable impact on the production cycle.

Connection is the word that represent the richness of platforms and innovation. The impact of customer connections on creation is the starting point for production and market plans for companies. Nowadays, everything starts with a platform, every action, every expense and revenues comes from it. Customization of the experience is part of the business strategy: customers need to have their own space and the importance that they deserve; digital communities are able to achieve this goal.

Interaction is the key.

Customers are part of a dynamic network full of feedbacks and communication channels with brands and companies. They shape the economy.

At this point our special guest proposed an amazing case “Momondo: Digital Unity”: 61 strangers from different countries have offered their bodies to send a collective message to everyone. Here the melting pot of technology, platforms, humanism and communication has produced a beautiful outcome that the world is forced to listen to. Here you can watch what happened and how the participants lived the moment, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0L48Ab4W8m0

The participants to this experiment expressed all of their joy to feel an important part of something bigger.

They believed in something and diversity was not only accepted, it was celebrated: the tattoos on their skin created a collection of stories full of happiness, equality, freedom of choice and love.

Connection as human beings. People in that video created a real network with everybody’s stories.

All in all, platforms have different goals that are not only focused on improvement, technology or market. They create a network where the world can meet and talk. The “shades” mentioned at the beginning, they can find their expression thanks to digital platforms. They are not a limit for expression, they are channels of communication full of feelings and opportunities for humanity.






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