2020 American Elections. What is going on? 

Like every four years in the United States of America, this year during the month of November the American Presidential Elections will take place. 

Elections are a very important event in American history and society in which every single citizen, with American citizenship, is called to vote.

But how do these elections work?

In the USA there exist only two political parties: the Democrats and the Republicans. The first one is more progressive and liberal, while the second one more conservatory and protectionist. 

Each party nominates a candidate (usually male) with its own political view which will be debated a lot during the political campaigns. 

In every campaign, the candidate decides to use its own strategies to get as many votes as possible by exposing his or her own ideas. 

In fact, Republicans and Democrats battle against each other because they present two very different ideas of “Making America Great Again”, but since one is more liberal and the other is more conservatory, during the debates there are very contradictory opinions about which candidate vote and which not. 

One thing is certain for sure: one candidate has to win at the end of the elections.

The winner candidate and future President will be announced the following Tuesday after the First Monday of the month of November (this year on the 4th of November), and will be in charge for four years.

Every new President starts his mandate on the 20th of January following his victory and he will stay in the White House in Washington DC from four years to a maximum of eight years.

After four years, if the President is re-elected he can stay for another mandate, but then he will have to leave the charge of President to someone else. 

And this will lead to other elections.

Right now we are almost at the end of these elections, but let’s take a look at the two former candidates.

First, we have the current President Donald Trump (Republican), who at the beginning of 2019 decided to candidate again for another four years. 

On the other hand, we have Joe Biden (Democrat).

Donald Trump started his mandate in 2016 when he won against Hilary Clinton, and he presented conservatory politics, against all the minorities in America (black people, Muslims, migrants, Latinos) and out of America (some may remember the fact that he wanted to build a wall on the Mexican border to prevent the entry of migrants into the country).

Then he decided to not apply a “Green Politics” to save the planet and to reduce the emissions provoked by the industries because he has never believed in climate change and also for him it was “a waste of money”.

These are only the most famous controversial points in Donald Trump’s political view which gave a lot to think to other countries as well.

Even though for many people he was not the right choice at the beginning, he had the best during the elections, because his rival, Hilary Clinton, was investigated by the FBI and she lost a lot of consensuses. 

So in 2016, Donald Trump won in almost 30 States out of 50 and he became President; to win the elections is not necessary to be the first choice in all the 50 states but only in the “biggest ones” (such as Texas, California, Ohio, etc…). 

Now let’s see Joe Biden.

Biden wasn’t the first candidate for the Democrat party. In fact, Bernie Sanders before his pull back decided to start his political campaign.

But something changed during the early stages of 2020 and this helped Biden to gain vote after vote.

Biden’s political project is very different from Trump’s.

He wants to rebuild the middle class, to go in favor of poor people and migrants who represent the majority of the population in the United States.

He wants to abolish Donald Trump’s Travel Ban, to give the possibility to every non-American citizen to enter the USA freely, because he firmly believes in the importance of migrants for the country.

He also decided to establish a “Green Act”, in which he wants to lower the levels of air pollution by the year 2050. This plan consists in lowering the usage of oil and petrol and to pass to more renewable resources. And, if he will be elected President, he would like to transform America into a more “green country”.

But there are two things that distinguish Joe Biden from any other President.

The first one is that he is one of the fewest candidates to promote laws in favor of an almost free health care (America is known to have inaccessible health assistance for its costs) which was initiated by Obama, and then abolished during Trump’s mandate. 

Biden not only wants to give access to the lower classes to health assistance but also to lower its costs, because he recognises the importance of an accessible health care system.

The second most astonishing “success” is that he has decided to nominate as his Vice~President a black woman. 

She will be the first ever black Vice President in the history of United States, and some may think that his decision was made to be well accepted in the public eye, but in reality, he has chosen her among other three women, because he is in favor of the Black Lives Matter movement, so he recognises the importance of inclusivity.

So, now we have a “clear” image of what are the two choices for the future of America, but Biden’s win is not so foregone. 

In fact, even though Trump during the pandemic of 2020 took some very irresponsible decisions, we do not have to forget that the majority of his followers are white males over their 50`s with a very fond sense of Christian values, patriarchy and misogyny. 

This category of people is scared to see their “white privileges” taken away so they see Trump as the white man who will restore the “Old America” and they are willing to support him no matter what. 

One thing is certain: these elections are not like the others for many reasons. 

We are almost at the end of 2020 and we are still facing a global pandemic, which left all people of all generations speechless because nobody saw it coming. 

The pandemic has caused so many damages, economically, socially and politically in every country, but in America it has had some devastating consequences.

Due to Covid-19, almost 50% of Americans lost their job and were left out with any kind of support from the government, and this situation, which has been reported in television, newspapers and on social media, led to many problems.

In the beginning, there were mildly pacific protests, but then the police started to repress brutally any kind of violence.

And as we all know, violence brings other violence.

In fact, due to all these riots, many people died, especially black people, who, in these hard times, paid the highest price. Well-known examples are Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and many others. 

But they did not die in vain. 

Because of the police brutality publically reported on social media, in almost every country of the world movements of protest against racism have started. 

All this atmosphere of tension was very difficult to handle for President Donald Trump, who, for the very first time in history, refuged himself in a private bunker outside the White House. 

And with his actions, he indirectly said that he is not the right leader for the country. 

After a couple of months, the riots started to slight away, but the number of infected people raised so much that America, still today, is one of the most affected countries of the world. 

And if this difficult situation was not enough for Americans, with the upcoming summer, the State of California reached its highest temperature ever registered, and this phenomenon provoked an enormous fire, which expanded all over the west coast, causing unexpected damages.

In this very complicated situation, Americans have to make one of the most important decisions of all times, because they are choosing the person who will take charge of the situation, hopefully in a better way,  for their country and for all the world. 

Of course, there are two months left for the final result, and there are no significant differences between the two candidates, but it’s only a matter of time because the 4th of November is not that far away. 






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