Do you ever want to just lie on the floor? Unplug your phone, turn off the lights, leaving only one dimly lit lamp in the corner of the room, and just lay on the floor. Staring at the ceiling and not thinking about anything. Or, conversely, think about something. You can turn on music. You can leave it off. You can just listen to the rain outside of your window, raindrops fall on the ground. It can be so peaceful and soothing. The cold air will penetrate the room, but it won’t be overwhelmingly cold, as the heating is already on. You will think about everything and nothing simultaneously. About how life is going. About what you were doing today, or will be doing tomorrow. Think back on the memories of the past, and alternative ways of its development. What if? What if not? 


Nothing happens in life. ‘What to do’ is the question that you perhaps asked yourself a lot recently. What has life become?  In such enigmatical times, we need to figure out what to do in order not to go crazy. 


When the pandemic had just begun, and no one did not know what to do, you might have looked for some advice on the Internet. There are some truly useful and creative ideas which I would like to share with you. ‘USA Today’ online magazine offers the reader captivating tips in the article named ‘100 things to do while stuck inside due to a pandemic’, and these are some of them: “Make a list of things for which you are grateful. Order and put together some IKEA furniture. Time yourself. Rearrange your sock drawer.”http://“100 Things to Do While Stuck inside Due to a Pandemic.” Despite the existence of other numerous articles on this issue, I have decided to reflect on the most important ideas and share with you from a slightly different, student perspective. 


Most of our time we spend imprisoned in our phone, being busy all of the time, but have you noticed how little time we spend on communicating with ourselves? That is why it is sometimes useful to just turn off everything, lie on the floor, and think – what do I want? And this is the very first step on how not to go crazy.


Prioritize family and friends 


Spending more time with your family will be my second piece of advice. Despite all the horrors taking place in the world, one thing always remains truly valuable and dear –  that’s family. It is great if you can see each other in real life, talk more, watch movies together. However, if you are far away from your family and held up in the dormitory of your university, then leave some time  for talking to them on the phone. We live in a great century of new technologies and therefore have the availability of fast communications, where you can easily reach out to your family members and spend some great time together talking and sharing your thoughts and stories. 


Friends are another matter. We do not see each other that often as we used to due to the current situation. However, we still can talk. And I understand how tired you are probably of the zoom lectures, WhatsApp and other platforms for communication. But calling your friends, seeing their smiles, and supporting each other at such  strenuous times will always remain truly important.




Study will be my next piece of advice. If you turn off emotions and objectively look at the current situation in the world, you can conclude that now is the best time to concentrate on your studies. You will not find any parties, travel and entertainment programs now, but thanks to this forced environment, we, as students, can focus on the main thing – gaining knowledge. Here, too, the main thing is not to forget about your mental health and not to overwork oneself, but still remember the importance of studying.


Create a schedule for yourself. Set aside a certain number of hours to prepare for exams, write down notes, and do homework. Add time for rest, for family, and for self-development.


Stop surfing social media for numerous hours. With understanding that Instagram is very fascinating, one has to always keep in mind how destructive the influence of social networks are. The main issue is not the context of the information received from it, but rather time spent on it. And time is in fact the most important and irrevocable resource we have, which we must be able to allocate. Therefore, try to avoid using it too much and instead find something more efficient and useful. However, never force yourself to self-develop. On the contrary, find something that genuinely interests you. Recently, I have been fascinated by spiritual books, as well as articles about politics.




Talk to yourself and understand what exactly you would like to develop in. It could be playing guitar, cooking, cleaning, meditating, learning new languages; in general, everything possible that could interest and captivate you, allow yourself to relax and learn something new simultaneously. Nowadays, there is too much negativity in the world, and you need to learn to relax in time and get away from negative thoughts. 



In addition to self-development and study, it is also interesting to watch movies. And at this point, I know that you have already watched all of Netflix and YouTube, and they bore you, and I understand that perfectly. For myself, I decided to watch new genres that did not fascinate me before. A good piece of advice a friend gave me is to watch documentaries or films describing someone’s life, autobiographical. They not only provide food for your brain, but also motivate people to learn new things and become better.




While you are trapped in your own thoughts, plan your future after the end of the pandemic. There are going to be many opportunities and places to explore once the lockdown has been lifted. Make an accurate route with sightseeings of interest to you. Explore the culture of the country you want to travel ahead of time by watching videos about that place and talking with people from there. 


Friendly advice 


Time is a unique source of ours which we have to learn to use wisely. Fill this time surrounding yourself with positive moments which you could enjoy and learn from. 


There are ups and downs in life but it is important to stay on the path even though it seems that there are too many obstacles. 


Approach this experience from a positive point of view, examine yourself and your desires. Stop for a second from the chaos of surrounding, take a deep breath, or maybe even lie on the floor – think about how to turn this experience into something truly valuable for yourself.


Of course, do not forget to take care of yourself and your health!


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