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Our GG Alumni association is moving forward with a partnership which was started in July, namely the Lab4All initiative, launched by two associations: Orizzonte and SeedScience, which started collaborating last year. They came up with this project by merging their two missions. We saw indeed Orizzonte – an association created in 2018 by former students with the goal of contributing positively to the society – joining SeedScience – whose purpose is to provide scientific education in African countries as Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania – in the creation of Lab4All, by targeting upper secondary schools in the province of Rome.

They aim to help science teachers and students by launching a challenge in creating scientific experiments, in order to encourage passionate students and raise awareness about sensitive topics and involve high school classes in a competition. The participant classes will indeed follow a training process in which they will learn to prepare scientific experiments and present them through videos, and the winners will get a prize in cash consideration and participation certificates. The initiative is as its second edition, focusing this year on hygiene, and it has already started recruiting professors and schools.

The specific goals of the contest, together with becoming trained on technical experimentation, is to perform it with low-cost and sustainable materials, that can be easily transported with a little kit. It must follow some sustainability criteria, that will be evaluated, then the winning experiment will become part of the portfolio of activities that SeedScience will offer to its trainees in Africa. The last edition was about water, and it tailed some specific objectives, dealing with topics as teamwork development and digital application and mechanisms.

To see more about what Lab4All precisely consists of, here is the link for a video from participants of last year’s contest:

The interview

But we at TGO wanted to know more, so we asked Andrea Bucciarelli, the coordinator of the project from Orizzonte, to give us more information about the current program and, eventually, what we can do to further help the mission of Lab4All!

“How is the project progressing?”

At the moment, we are still in the recruiting phase, in which we are trying to build a wider network of schools willing to participate. We do this by contacting high school secretariats to reach science professors and presenting them with our proposal, which they can take on by signing up on our website (https://www.lab4all.it/).

What are the differences between the last year’s competition and this year’s contest, and how are you coping with issues brought by the pandemic

Last year we had to end earlier the initiative because of the lockdown, but this year we changed the structure of the contest to give students the possibility to participate completely online and diminished the amount of work demanded in order to meet the needs of professors and at the same time not impose too much upon remote learning, which already is presenting issues. Our goal is indeed to help professors in the development of their own educational path.

How can we help?

“Let’s imagine a Tor Vergata University student is reading this article and wants to help: what steps should he/she follow to expand your connections with high schools in Rome?”

What can be done is straightforward and fast! You should just contact a known science professor from high school (it doesn’t matter if it was your former professor or it is a personal contact) by sending him/her the following:

  • A standard template (Template) filled with your personal information providing some insights and contacts from the Lab4All team;
  • Two further attachments to the message/mail, presenting the different proposals from the project Il concorso di idee, Il nuovo CivicLab:
  • The DEADLINE for applications is on the 30th of November, so hurry up!

Our part is done! Now is the turn of the professor to contact Lab4all and apply to the website to let the class participate.

If you are personally interested, here are the contacts of the project coordinators:

–          Project manager:
Andrea Bucciarelli
E-mail: abucciarelli@orizzonte-aps.it
Phone number: 3393946750
Skype: buccia93_2
–          Contact person for SeedScience association:
Michele Raggio
E-mail: michele.raggio@seedscience.it
Phone number: 3485536807
Skype: michele.raggio
–          Contact person for Orizzonte association:
Francesco Olivanti
E-mail: folivanti@orizzonte-aps.it
Phone number: 3493362370
Skype: francescolivanti

Furthermore, if you are a GG student or a GG alumnus/a you are welcome to join the GG Alumni Lab4All Team:
Contact person for GG Alumni Association:
Eleonora Giorgi
email: eleonora.giorgi@sciencespo.fr
telephone: +393347105539

Laura Menicacci

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