Within our society there is a patriarchal, masculinist, sexist, racist and homophobic superstructure. This is demonstrated by the daily facts and events.

The story of the Turin teacher, who fell victim to the non-consensual sharing of her intimate material, a phenomenon more commonly known by the term revenge porn, on the part of her former boyfriend who was later labeled as a man’s goliardia (carefree lifestyle) by many newspapers is an indication of a patriarchal and masculinist society as listening to those who committed the offence rather than listening to the victims.

The fact that Amnesty’s Hate Barometer, which has the function of measuring the level of intolerance and discrimination in the online debate, states that a woman has three times the risk of becoming a victim of offensive, discriminatory or hate speech messages, especially if publicly exposed as a figure (activists, politicians, journalists) is a sign of a sexist society.

According to data from OSCAD, the European Monitoring Centre for Security against Discriminatory Acts, there were 726 hate crimes involving racism and xenophobia reported in 2019. Less than 801 in 2018 but more than 494 in 2016, also proves that it is not just a past problem, but it is still occurring in today’s society. Between 1st January 2008 and 31st March 2020, Lunaria documented 7,426 chronicles of ordinary racism: 5,340 cases of verbal violence, 901 physical aggressions against the person, 177 property damage, 1,008 cases of discrimination. There can be no doubt that the data above displays a clear sign of systemic racism.

According to data from Arcigay, every year more than 100 people suffer abuse due to their sexual orientation or gender identity (in 2016 the episodes found were well 196) numbers that most likely do not reflect the actual reality of the problem, based on complaints made and reported events in the media. From October 1st, 2019 to September 30, 2020, 350 transgender and non-binary people were killed worldwide, 50% of whom were migrants. In the United States almost four out of five people were black.

It must be said, however, that there is the possibility of changing through education to these issues, education on how to stay on the technological platforms, education in the line that separates freedom of expression with the violent act towards the other in the use of comments. It all comes down to education in respect. The aged old institutions of schools is the main educational centre for young minds. There one can learn not to feel superior to the other for certain characteristics, to listen to all voices equally important, the civic sense, to recreate a sense of belonging to society by educating the integration of the one who is perceived as different from society and to recognize the rights, the decorum, dignity and personality of someone abstaining from any manifestation that can offend them by living with our mutual differences in the use of even a fair language. Offenses must be replaced with socially useful notions to be better people opening up to the other not humanly different from the privileged man. Thus, in doing so you can plant seed that blooms inside the hearts and minds of each living being to the realization of a better world in which everyone can live in peace of mind, by actually exercising their rights , not seeing them violated by anyone, equally represented and with equal opportunities.

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