Guess who’s back with some terrific Christmas suggestions. 

This time it’s not films, but tv series! 

Our favorite Christmas episodes from some of the most famous tv series of all time! 

Glee (Season 3 episode 9): “Extraordinary Merry Christmas”.


If you’re looking for spending Christmas time in the name of music and good vibes, this is the rewatch that fits you! 

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The Glee Club is working on the traditional preparation of the Christmas tree. Rory has discovered that he will be alone at Christmas because his parents cannot afford the trip, so Sam invites him to spend the holidays with his family. Rachel realizes that if she doesn’t want to get a pair of stockings for Christmas she has to give Finn some suggestions, so she comes up with a wish list from which her boyfriend can choose.

Sue summons Kurt, Artie and Blaine to her office because she wants to forgive them for not having talent and for ruining the whole American musical landscape, one mash up at a time. Brilliant! She offers them to perform with the New Directions in a homeless shelter to bring some joy. The boys accept, but Mr Schue announces that the New Directions have been chosen to participate in a live Christmas special for local TV and that the network has chosen Artie as director. The special, however, is the same day as the homeless event and Sue is very disappointed with the cancellation of the New Directions performance. Live TV is simply delightful, but, inspired by Rory, the group decides to finish it early to go sing at the shelter, where they find Sue, Quinn and Sam already busy doing their part. 

Available on: Netflix

How I Met Your Mother (Season 2 episode 11): “How Lily stole Christmas”. 



If what you’re looking for is some delightful and funny vibes, this is the rewatch that fits you! 


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It’s Christmas Eve and Lily listens to an old message in the answering machine from when she left Marshall. Among the messages, one is from Ted who, to support his friend, defines Lily a “witch” (actually he uses a dirty word, but Ted in 2030 to tell the episode to his children, uses this one). The girl gets so angry that she literally steals Christmas, including decorations, by hiding them in her apartment. Ted initially apologizes, but then admits that at the time he said that word, he was right, because her behavior was unacceptable. Not wanting to spend Christmas as planned, he decides to go to his cousin Stacy. But Lily realizes she is wrong, she rushes to Ted, admits he was right and offers him a beer as a sign of peace.

Available on: Netflix


STRANGER THINGS (Season 1 episode 8): “The Upside Down”

It’s Christmas time in Hawkins, get astonished with the 1st season’s last episode!

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Hopper makes a deal with Brenner: access to the portal to the “underworld” in exchange for Eleven’s location. Meanwhile Jonathan and Nancy in the Byers’ house set a trap for the monster, luring him with their blood. Steve reaches them repentant and willing to make peace with both of them just a few minutes before the appearance of the monster. Thanks also to Steve’s help, they manage to push it into a bear trap and set it on fire, but the creature disappears. Hopper and Joyce reach her house in the other dimension and find the traces of the wounded monster: following them they arrive at its den and there they find Will trapped, managing to revive him. In the meantime Brenner and his agents reach Mike and the others; Eleven kills some of them who are chasing them and their blood attracts the monster who kills many agents and Doctor Brenner. When he reaches the boys, Eleven uses his powers to disintegrate the creature, disappearing with it. Will is taken to the hospital and when he wakes up, his friends are happy to tell him what happened. Hopper, leaving the hospital, is approached by some mysterious agents. A month later, close to Christmas, the four friends resumed their lives and played Dungeons & Dragons. Nancy and Steve are back together and she gives a new camera to Jonathan to replace the one broken by his boyfriend. Hopper, after attending a Christmas party with his colleagues, leaves some food in the woods inside a box in which he puts some eggos, waffles particularly appreciated by Eleven. Back home, on the occasion of the Christmas dinner, Will vomits in the bathroom what seems to be a sort of snail, finding himself for a few moments “upside down”. However, the boy keeps the incident to himself, reuniting in apparent harmony with his family.

Available on: Netflix



White Christmas questions the effects artificial intelligence can have on each individual, analyzing how human relationships have changed. Brilliant, thrilling. 

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We are in an undefined future. Matt Trent and Joe Potter have been living for more than five years in a remote place, in a hovel isolated from the world, immersed in an endless expanse of snow. It’s clear from the start that their relationship has never bloomed, remaining as barren as the surreal setting where the two are forced to live. On Christmas day, however, Matt decides to prepare a meal to get in touch with Joe, who is very taciturn. To let him open up, Matt decides to tell his story. The viewer is thus transported in a tripartite narrative journey. It is precisely in the form of the story and the confession, first of one, then of the other, that the clarification and purification will come and hit like punches in the stomach. Interest for the plot, bitterness for the considerations reported and inevitable reflections will meet at the end of the story.

Available on: Netflix


FRIENDS(Season 7 episode 10)


Worth reviewing for: Joey in Superman version.

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One of the most loved Christmas episode; remembered for the hilarious role of Ross, who, to make little Ben participate in Jewish traditions and in the Hanukkah festival, dressed up like a Christmas Armadillo, a character of his own invention and forced choice, not having found a Santa Claus costume. Nevertheless, Chandler gets one and with his fake beard and belly capture the child’s attention. As he prefers Christmas as it is conceived by Christians with gifts, reindeer and all the rest. When Santa Claus and his assistant  Armadillo finally agree and are starting their story, another unexpected entry in the apartment changes the atmosphere.  

Available on: Netflix

The Crown (season 2 ep. 5): Marionette


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London, 1957. Queen Elisabeth II, at Christmas Eve, reads her classic speech to wish the British people a merry Christmas and happy holidays. As well as this episode shows, for her speech the Queen made a revolutionary choice: being broadcasted by the BBC so that for the first time her face enters homes through TV, bringing her closer to the people. But the undertaking was not that simple. The Queen needs to understand that the monarchy must be renewed. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, this episode sums up a bit the true spirit of this holiday: the year that ends is something that, for better or for worse, we leave behind. 

Available on: Netflix


By Camilla Pasquali, Gaia Checcarelli, Francesca Mazzocchi, Camilla Benvenuto, Sofia Basile



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