Study Less but Smarter   


               Telling students to study more does not necessarily help, and in most of the cases it might actually worsen the performance of a student. Students are more likely to be stressed and overwhelmed with the studies that they need to accomplish, and pushing them hard may make them even more anxious which may lead them into failure. Even though taking notes and trying to memorize words is vital, it is not done correctly by a lot of students. 

A new research states that the moment a student gets outside of the classroom, the first thing that they need to do is to revise their notes immediately in order to expand everything that they’ve listened to. Putting the study process off will not only make students anxious and stressed, but also will make them forget some of their own notes. Students tend to write everything down to revise later . However, the most effective revision that they need to do is to read a passage and try to explain it in their own words. If they transform the notes into their own words, then it would actually make them learn. In 2016, the research on memorizing information was published for those students who did not have much time to revise their notes.

It suggests that a student has to repeat their notes right after learning, followed by half an hour later, then six hours and, finally, the next day.

However, even though in some of the cases we can find students may take some benefits of using this method, if we want to see in a wider perspective only reading the books the day before an exam would not be as effective as practicing it daily with paraphrasing the notes by your own words. Just reading notes won’t make students actually learn the subject. In order for a student to learn the information deeply and precisely, they need to transform the notes into their own words. Trying to say the words on your own and without the help of a textbook is the technique that students need to be doing to decrease the hours of studying and make them learn and understand the information   more quickly without making themselves overwhelmed by it. 

In conclusion, revising is the key step to success. However, revising the information in your own words is the key step to studying smarter with a decreased number of hours that you will be spending. The more active you are in your learning, the more effective your studying will be.




                                                                                                                     ECEM BİTİGEN

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