Turin, German tennis player, Alexander Zverev ended the ATP tour season after one hour and a quarter when he defeated Daniil Medvedev for the ATP finals title with a result of 2 sets at 0. This was the first (almost) full season during COVID, where all the No-Vax players were excluded from all the major tournaments. A great tournament for Zverev, anyway, thanks to the win in the semi-final against the number 1, Novak Djokovic, where the Serbian player was criticized for his choice about not getting the COVID vaccine, while the Australian Open (the next big tournament in the calendar) organizers have communicated that every player in the tournament must be vaccinated, a problem that Djokovic and other tennis players had to face to play in one of the 4 Grand Slam.

In the doubles tournament, the French couple Herbert and Mahut won the trophy for the second time, they beat Ram-Salisbury in the final, the same matchup where the two French lost in the first phase of the tournament.

Not just wins in this tournament, but also a very emotional moment occurred when the home favorite player (the Italian Matteo Berrettini) had to leave his spot in the championship after the first match due to an injury, where Jannick Sinner (another Italian tennis player) had to take his place in the tournament, where, thanks to the full support by the crowd, he was able to win Hubert Hurkacz, one of the most in-form players.

The beautiful city of Turin was the center of the tennis world for a week with almost 12.000 people for every match.

American Football

Malmo, Another European sporting victory for Italy, after the soccer European championship, also the Italian American football team won their European cup after and hard match against Sweden, a match played on Halloween day in Sweden, where the “Blue Team” reached the final score of 41-14, in the tournament, started in 2019 that due to COVID was suspended. The Blue Team didn’t play the semi-final match against France due to a COVID-19 outbreak in the French team who had to forfeit the match while Sweden had defeated Finland in the other semi-final. This victory has been of a great importance for the Italian national team and has also brought a certain level of recognition to the sport which is still not well-known in European countries.


Barcelona, on 6th November, the “Futbol Club Barcelona” appointed Xavi as the new coach of the team following the sack of Ronald Koeman, the Dutch coached in Barcelona for one season and a half where he won the national cup, he is also a club legend for Barcelona, where he played for 6 seasons between 1989-1995 with 192 appearances and 67 goals. Now, the Spanish club chose to hire another club legend, the Spanish Xavi. Xavi played 17 years for Barcelona with 767 appearances, contributed with 85 goals and 185 assists, and a lot of trophies, such as 8 national championships and 4 Champions League (The main European competition for clubs), but he is also a legend for Spain, he won 2 European championships and one World Cup in 2014. In 2015, he left Barcelona to play in Qatar for 4 years where he also became the coach of his team (Al-Sadd). Barcelona already tried to hire Xavi as manager two years ago, but he refused due to a lack of experience. Now he must face a hard task, take Barcelona to the top again after they have lost Lionel Messi, one of the best players in the world. Xavi already signed the Brazilian defender Dani Alves from the free agency, Dani Alves played with Xavi for the whole time in Barcelona and it is the first big move of the Spanish coach. Xavi has won 2 league matches and one tie. Will he be the right fit for the team that needs to shine again?


New York City, after being canceled last year because of the Coronavirus, the New York City Marathon. Only 30.000 runners (40% smaller than the last one) were allowed because of a restriction in its 50th edition, 42 kilometers and 195 meters around the beautiful city of New York, starting from the Verrazano Bridge to running through Brooklyn and Queens neighborhood, and the Queensborough bridge to end in the beautiful Central Park in Manhattan. After the second place of the last edition, the Kenyan long-distance runner Albert Korir won the 50th edition in 2 hours, 8 minutes, and 22 seconds (14 seconds faster than the last edition), followed by the Moroccan, Mohamed El Aaraby, and the Italian, Eyob Faniel. In the women’s competition the Kenyan, Peres Jepchirchir arrived 4 seconds before her compatriot Viola Cheptoo. The marathon had a huge impact also in social media where the video of “Wrinkle the Duck” became viral, the duck took part in the marathon thanks also to custom-made shoes for ducks. The 50th edition gave the citizens of New York City hope for a possible recovery or, at least, a distraction during this period.

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