The Sotheby’s Now Auction: Caroline Walker a Walk Into a Woman’s’ Mind

Sotheby’s “Now Auction” house is one of the most important arts-selling houses founded in 1744 and is currently the oldest and largest intentional auction firm in the world. Throughout its history, some collections sold came from outstanding artists such as Andy Warhol, Herta Garbo, and Gianni Versace. 

The firm lives under the idea that great change starts in the galleries, therefore for the past decade they’ve been focusing on cutting-edge artworks. Newly recognized artists and younger artists are welcome to form part of this symbolic contemporary art firm. The auction sales collections aim at emblematic pieces combining figurative and abstract characteristics. Sotheby’s latest auction hosted many renowned artists including Caroline Walkers, an outstanding woman who highlighted the importance of a feminine perspective.

Caroline Walkers is a 40-year-old artist from Scotland who has a BA (hons) from Glasgow School of Art in 2004 a MA in painting from Royal College of Art in London in 2009. Her outstanding curriculum has led her to participate in many of the most prestigious galleries in London, New York, and Paris. In February of this year, she presented her large-scale painting at the historic Fitzrovia Chapel. Her first solo was held at Stephen Friedman Gallery on “Lisa”, her sister, and her experience in motherhood. In 2021 the “Hague” firm hosted her exhibition called “Window”, and the Midlands Art Center took her large-scale paintings called “Woman’s Work”. She further holds many awards for the composition, the theme and the technique. One of her latest awards is the Threadneedle Prize in 2010. 

Walker’s artworks are characterized by the harmonizing game between the exceptional use of colors, light, and feminine figures. She uncovers the social cultural and economic experiences of women living in contemporary society. Walker bases her art on her own photographic source which is composed of a mix of her own personal life and those she observes in her surroundings. Her art is a window to the everyday life of a woman. The outside context is blurred, and the women in it are the protagonists. Walker is a captivating contemporary artist who aims at composing pieces challenging culturally diverse themes using technologically advanced techniques. Her highly personal approach is clearly visible in each of her artworks, the link between artist and viewer is established by the uncomfortable but necessary focus on women as a theme. Undoubtedly each artwork brings up a topic of conversation where the discussion does not stop merely on her art technique but rather brings up a deeper debate on women’s worth in society.  Some of the pieces sold by Sotheby’s auction house are some of her most daring artworks produced. These include pieces such as “Interval” in 2014, “The Nude in the XX & XXI Century” in 2015, “Not going out” in 2019, and her most recent piece called “Indoor, Outdoor”. Each piece expresses strong incongruous actions of a feminine character within an everyday environment. Each filmic scene portrays a heavily and odd charged atmosphere hovering over a banal vision of domesticity and something darker, even sexual. The viewer presents a personal and intimate perspective of femininity. It is no doubt that such a prestigious auction house hosts Caroline Walker’s art. Contemporary art is constantly moving forward aiming at the provocation of social, cultural, environmental, economic, and political issues. A strong composition of theme and technique is required to show innovation. In a men-driven world Walker challenges us and the world to perceive women in a different and personal way through her exceptional art.


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