Andrea Albanesi

The photos I’ve chosen are almost all from Grottaferrata, the new-nominated City still has nowadays skeletons and remains of buildings of the last century, once famous family restaurants and hotels that are now reduced to empty and unused spaces ripe for the taking of homeless and drug addicts (I’ll be honest, I was a bit scared when I visited these places, thank god I was not alone). 

These were shot in 2018 and now their condition got even worse. 

The problem with these buildings is that most of them are located in important streets.

They are a clear sign of the early 2000s crisis and a grim reminder for the future generation to not waste resources and a call for action for public space management. 

The biggest issue of The Restaurant set of photos is that inside, the building still had everything, including water and electricity connections with luxurious interiors left for whoever wants to take them, as shown in a photo, the ceiling in the kitchen even fell off while the freezer room had still functioning locks.

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