The project: how, why and when did it all begin?


Students, before anything else

We’re all young students attending the BA in Global Governance at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. We founded The Global Observer in 2017, with the intention of creating a platform where thoughts could stem from and be shared on.


Living in an increasingly globalized world, where we are all constantly inter-connected with each other and where the local clashes with the global, conflict often rise. 


It made us feel the need to give voice to our reflections, hoping to build an online community that believes in debating and exchanging opinions as ways of wearing down those combats, rather than enhancing them. 


Celebrate our diversity

We do believe in that, and in so many other things. Each of our writers is rich of his thought, and of his way to transmit it.  We do believe in sharing, defending causes, telling the untold stories and give light to the shadow. We believe in not believing the same things, as well. 


This is probably due to the fact that we all come from different countries, different backgrounds. We are different, we know it, and we show it. Debating almost on a daily basis does nothing but get us closer, shortening the cultural distance between us, teaching us to embrace the true diversity, the true otherness.


Fight the effects of misinformation 

Today, we are all constantly exposed to a barrage of news and opinions from all over the world, whether we like it or not. The advent of social media did  and do nothing but increase the dynamic of hatred, strangeness and adversity. So many people – especially young people – feel lost in this vast and chaotic sea of information and uncertainty.


Our aim is not to give people the news. We do not want to be a source of information. We want to be some “food for thought”.

 We want to take a break from the chaos and just stop for a minute, to think. We want to give our perspective but we also want to challenge it, because it’s only through comparison that we really understand ourselves and what surrounds us. 


Stand for change

As Global Governance students, indeed, we don’t want to be passive observers. We are not here to whine. Rather, we think the analysis, reflection and exchange of ideas are the first steps towards an actual and effective change that can take place, and need more than ever to be. 


After all, it’s the power of ideas and thoughts that has always been the world’s one and true leading fuel.

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