City in metamorphosis

The first Exhibition hosted by the Global Observer

Presentation of the project

This project was born of a constatation: photography had a poor and minor role in our blog. Although we recognize the importance of images to illustrate causes just as much as a well-designed website, we were lacking a real involvement towards it.

However, we were not lacking photographers! Ready to brandish their camera to come to the rescue of an idea and together build a patchwork of interpretations, they were there! TGO and Global Governance have always had an abundance of outstanding people ready to showcase their ideas, and that’s once again what we witness in this exhibition: the first but certainly not the last.

The chosen theme of “city in metamorphosis” was chosen to pay justice to the diversity we welcome among our participants, a diversity not only of language, countries, religions, education, but also of experiences. Each of us, through our travels, our encounters, our readings, our sights, has forged a vision. Each one was able to witness different realities: whether it was the West of France, Turkey, India or Italy. This exhibition is designed to share this with you, and invites you into their world.

How to navigate this online exhibition?

This exhibition is drawn in a tree structure. On the main page – where you are currently – you can learn more about the photographers and their visions. By clicking on each of them, you will enter their universe, and will be able to see the photos they have chosen to exhibit. Clicking on these same photos, you will be able to see the specifics of their content, but also comment, or get technical information about the shot. Enjoy the trip!

Nyiridandi Taba Yvonne

My name is Nyiridandi Taba Yvonne, I have 18 year old , and I’m a Rwandese in GG1. My interest in Photography elevated as I started travelling especially Rome due to its alluring architecture. I find myself holding up my camera, capturing everything in front of me, yes! I am hooked. My collection is titled “CONTRAST”. Most of the pictures were taken in Vatican city, others from the neighborhood of Rome. Each photo speaks for itself depending on what the viewer wants to hear or see.

Andrea Albanesi

I’m a friendly 22 yo guy from Rome who started to take photos for my friends at their parties because I’m cheaper than a professional photographer. During high school I took some photos along with my friends and classmates for a social platform called “Noi Siamo Futuro” and decided to upload them here, it received a good review from their editors.
Took part for another project for “Noi Siamo Futuro” with another crew and did a reportage of the disparities between men and women.
I decided to take part in TGO also as a photographer to show through my camera the decadence in which we still live in certain urban areas.
The photos I chose for this project have in common a special feeling of emptiness and past merged into one since one of them was even a popular family restaurant in my zone.
They never saw a brighter future and these buildings are now looted by the homeless and nomads

Chiara Lestini Diurni

I am Chiara Lestini Diurni, a GG1 student from Rome and I am 19 years old. I had never taken professional pictures before, so it was a challenge for me. I was inspired by the city I grew up in: Rome. I decided to picture it through a native’s eyes and I consider myself lucky to live in a city described by Anatole Broyard using these words: “Rome was a poem pressed into service as a city.”

Caterina Salituro

Hi ! I am Caterina Salituro, a gg1 students from Rome, Italy. I decided to take part in this photo exhibition to show in 10 photos Rome seen by the eyes of a local who besides secular monuments, breath-taking sunsets, art and culture everywhere also sees and must deal with no functioning public transports, rubbish, holes on the streets and dirt. All those previously mentioned discomforts despite being terribly annoying are, after all, contemporary symbols of my beloved city. That is why I decided to call my brief collection ‘’Eternal Decay’’. Hope you enjoy!

Giulia Pressani

I’m Giulia Pressani, a first year Global Governance student from Milan. I was 5 years old when my parents first gave me a digital camera, and since then I’ve always loved the concept of photography. I started taking picture of everything around me and obsessed on the idea of capturing a memory. I believed that through photography I would always have the the “captured moment” with me and therefore, not only the idea of something abstract that lives in me, but something concrete. Enjoy 🙂

Clémence Maquet

I come from France, and my name is Clémence (it’s always very embarrassing to make it rhyme). I have been practicing photography since I was 18 years old, when I first received my camera. It’s been a passion as much as a driver in my life : it made me meet people, travel by mind, travel by earth, learn about me, learn about others. I’m always trying to keep my camera on myself, so as to capture instants, steal them when they deserve it, when they tell something that’s worth being told.

Elena de Novellis

Hi! I’m Elena De Novellis, I`m 20 years old and I’m passionate about photography since I was 15!
In 2015 my father gifted me my Nikon camera and since then was my new “friend” of travel, came with me all over the world always at my side!
When I was 17 I spend one year in India and there I had the possibility to look at things from another perspective and to shoot some of the pictures that I will show you in this project.
Hope you will enjoy it!!

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