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Anonymity is ensured for a simple reason: comfort while talking about intimate issues. You may wish to be anonymous and cherish this opportunity, as you may not feel the need to hide your identity. This choice is purely yours, and that is why we are proposing to define yourself, as an author, under a pseudonym of your choice, or under your real name.

To serve at best our objective of letting students speak, complain and bring perspectives, we also have to protect them. There is therefore a limit to anonymity, which takes place when dangerous issues are brought to us (ex: suicidal thoughts, self-harm…). As any other platform does, we will ensure protection. To prevent any case of distress, high vulnerability and danger for the stories’ authors, we ask you to provide us with your phone number, as a unique mandatory personal information to reveal. This breach in our anonymity promise has no reason other than safety: The Global Observer must ensure that all the participants to the project are kept safe. We are committed to using your phone number only in extreme emergencies, when a human life is at stake. Outside of these extreme cases, the team having access to the delivered contents is bound to the strictest secrecy regarding your information. For the sake of others, just as for your own, participating in this project commits you to respect its rules: please provide your phone number in an honest and accurate manner.

In any other cases apart the (rare) ones evoked here, we’re engaging ourselves to respect your privacy, and let your personal information belong to who it must belong: you.

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This project aims at fostering trust, care and communication about mental health issues and students’ difficult life conditions in this very special context of the pandemic. Publishing anonymous contents and letting students steam off the pressure in the shape of written pills would have as a consequence to build an online community, a place where to rely on others, give and take. A community, online or not, implies rules that hold it together and guarantee the well-being of the members. “The Soul Haven” is a place where you can express your emotions, your feelings, your knowledge and opinions without being stifled, but still having guidelines aiming at protecting you and the whole community.

Illegal or inappropriate contents will not be published on the free space. “The Soul Haven” is a project of benevolence, launched following the idea that students needs support and care during the hard time they are living. We offer the opportunity to share negative and positive content about anything you live, as long as the tone is correct and the harm inexistant. We will therefore ban from publication any inappropriate behaviors, such as hazing, bullying, defamation, and intolerance. We also ban unacceptable usage of the platform, such as commercial advertising, self-promotion, improper posting practices, such as thread hijacking, spamming, going off-topic (proposing a scientific research on vaccines or an economic analysis of the crisis), and incorrect content placement. We ban any contents not related to students’ issues and not coming from students themselves.

You are wondering why your post did not get published and would like an explanation on the criteria referred to during the moderation process? You are free to use the email address at your disposal for any enquiries.

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“The Soul Haven” is not really the place to argument deeply about big issues about the University organization and methods. We invite you to refer to the Programme Coordinator for any insatisfaction, justify it, explain it, and do not use the anonymous option to present your arguments against University, a professor or a member of the staff, as elaborated and justified they may be.

Though, being an enormous part of the life of a student, it may be difficult not discussing it at all. In that case, and as for every post, the tone needs to be correct and respectful. You are free of feeling and thinking what you do feel and think, and you may be right! Yet, this cannot disrespectfully nor anonymously be addressed to professors and institutions. For any important critics and arguments directly directed to a professor, a staff member or the University, we will only consider non-anonymous contents to be published, under the condition of respect and correctness. The blog is an open space, read by students but also professors and external people, and for that reason, we invite strong critics and naming to be made by private means, directly to the person or institution concerned.

This does not mean that anything related to University cannot be addressed: your feelings about the study load, your difficulties in a peculiar subject, the stress behind, or maybe even some health problems related to the new teaching modalities, are all welcome! The limit simply lies into respect and constructiveness.

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You can send them by mail to : contact.theglobalobserver@gmail.com

By clicking on “I share a story” and proposing us contents, you engage yourself to respect these guidelines, be respectful to the others, do not share inappropriate and illegal contents, and ask for help in case of danger and high distress.

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